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Season 14 - The Miami House Episodes


S14 E26: The Miami House

Steve and Norm drive up to the site with only two days left.


S14 E25: The Miami House

Steve sees progress on the house with general contractor Rick Groden. Norm talks with Brian Stamp about a concrete pour meant to strengthen faulty arches in the porch section.


S14 E24: The Miami House

Norm sees how the plaster walls are being patched and finished, while Steve tours the grounds with landscape architect Kevin Holler.


S14 E23: The Miami House

Steve helps tree cutter Tony Sisto take down a dead tree, with some difficulty, while Norm checks the installation of the house’s new air-conditioning system.


S14 E22: The Miami House

Norm sees the roofing replaced with modified bitumen membrane system, Steve meets with the architect and homeowner’s daughter Mary Ellen Frank.


S14 E21: The Miami House

Steve and Norm find a 1917 Mediterranean Revival-style home that was directly in the path of Andrew, surviving structurally intact but with significant water damage.