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The Art of the Seamless Addition

With a smart design and careful craftsmanship, the owners of the latest TOH TV project add square footage without sacrificing their house's modest scale or period style

Remaking Vintage Details

By re-creating beloved touches in their Spanish Colonial Revival for a new addition, the owners of the Los Angeles TOH TV project are respecting the past while building a future

Sneak Peek: The Los Angeles House

This Old House television follows the expansion of a Spanish Colonial Revival house in the hip neighborhood of Silver Lake.

Los Angeles House

Norm and the entire This Old House TV crew are heading to Hollywood! Well, not exactly. But in 2011, the show will go to that fabled land of superstars and studio tours, stopping at its quieter and decidedly hipper cousin to the east, Silver Lake, home to the next project house.

This Old House Is Going to Los Angeles

TOH TV is is heading west—to Los Angeles, California, where the crew will work on its next project. Could your house be the one they pick to put on TV?