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How to Install a Robotic Lawnmower

Ask This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and host Kevin O’Connor install a robotic lawnmower


1. Use the low-voltage perimeter wire provided to string around the working area of your yard. Put in a staple to hold it in place every three feet.
2. When it comes to obstacles like trees and rocks, string a single line around those obstacles.
3. When one strand of wire runs low, splice the next reel into the previous one by connecting it to the splicing attachment provided. Lock it into place by using pliers.
4. Lay a guide wire down the middle of the yard to help the mower find its way back to the charging dock.
5. Keep mower docking bay in a flat, shady spot with a power supply nearby.
6. Attach the perimeter wires and guide wire to the docking bay and plug it in.
7. The mower can be programmed using the onboard display and buttons, or it can be programmed and controlled using a smartphone app.