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They Made a Farmhouse Fresh

When the McAfees bought their 1920s Montana farmhouse, they gutted every single surface down to the old, frayed wiring and redid things their way. "We sacrificed two years of a social life and ski seasons, but it was well worth it," Felesha says. The result? A laid-back getaway that epitomizes farmhouse style, and on a shoestring budget, too. Jerimiah volunteered at a salvage yard to get wood (and the corrugated steel for the ceiling) for free; Felesha hand-painted old-fashioned signs. These TOH readers also scoured thrift shops for colorful tableware for the open shelving Jerimiah made. "We even found that stainless-steel farmhouse sink at a garage sale for $200!" To get their down-home look in your own kitchen, read on.

"You can save thousands by doing it yourself!" —Jerimiah and Felesha McAfee, Bigfork, Montana

Glass Gourds

Photo by Mark Lund

"I inherited my pumpkins from a beloved family friend; they're my favorite decor items," Felesha says. The hand-blown versions at right have instant-heirloom potential. About $13-$30;

Striped Runner

Photo by Mark Lund

A colorful cotton rug brightens up dark salvaged flooring and adds softness underfoot. 2½-by-8-foot rug, about $90;

Whitewashed Island

Photo by Mark Lund

Felesha found their handmade worktable at a local antiques shop; this new one offers ample storage and a sturdy beech top. About $168;

Vintage Tin

A container from yesteryear nods to kitchen icons of the past—and it's a great place to stash coffee or tea. We bought this well-loved tin on Etsy for about $32.

Caged Pendant Light

Photo by Mark Lund

Use an Edison bulb in this oil-rubbed-bronze fixture for a soft, old-timey glow; its metal cage protects the glass from any accidental damage. About $30;

Shapely Pitchers

Photo by Mark Lund

These throwback silhouettes add vintage charm. Enamel pitcher, $9.99; tin pitcher, $19; Ceramic pitcher, about $13; for stores

Homespun Signs

Photo by Mark Lund

We painted wood scraps to match Felesha's designs, sanded them down, and added antiquing wax here and there for a worn effect. Wax, about $15;

High-Arc Faucet

Smartly designed in spot-resistant stainless steel, it has a pull-down head and an antimicrobial finish that keeps germs at bay. About $582;

Colorful Mixing Bowls

Photo by Mark Lund

Barn red is a classic farmhouse hue; on ceramic dishes, it perks up any home cook's task. About $3.99–$7.99; for stores

Pie Stand

Elevate the humble pie with a ceramic stand; ruffled edges give this one a sweet look. 11-inch cake plate, about $20;

Corrugated-Steel Roof Panel

The McAfees brought this symbol of ranch life indoors by lining their ceiling with salvaged panels; we think it gives the space a nice industrial feel. 2.16-foot-by-12-foot panel, about $30;

Wire Basket

The McAfees collect Ponderosa pinecones on hikes to display on an out-of-reach perch. Weathered wire basket, about $9.99; for stores

Reclaimed-Wood Shelving

Photo by Mark Lund

To re-create Jerimiah's handmade open shelves, we started with a nice piece of 1½-inch-thick salvaged heart pine for the top. To fashion the simple bracket, we cut 1×3 pieces at 45-degree and 90-degree angles, then used wood glue and 2-inch-long wood screws to fasten it all together. Thoroughly sanded edges and a coat of stain give them aged patina.