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6 Before-and-After Kitchen Cabinets

From small paint changes to total redos, these cabinet transformations will inspire you to start your kitchen face-lift today.

Dream-Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers

Cabinet projects can be grand or small, salvaged, abandoned mid-project and then started over. No matter the scale of the upgrade, altered cabinetry affects the look of your entire kitchen. Scroll through these real-life renos to see how homeowners tackled their problematic cabinets and landed their dream kitchens.

1. Before: Drab and Cramped Kitchen

The dark cabinetry made the old, cramped kitchen feel crowded.

1. After: Go Green With Extra Storage

Photo by Gregg Segal

These new statement green doors are an innovative storage solution. Custom cabinetry hides the microwave, and pantry cabinets run all the way down to the countertops, allowing small appliances to be organized within arm's reach of the workspace.

Find more details here.

2. Before: Dull Doors in a Dark Kitchen

Photo by Courtesy of Cherished Bliss

These oak cabinets were in fine condition but ultimately fell flat—literally.

2. After: Bright Paint and New Hardware

Photo by Courtesy of Cherished Bliss

To add depth and detail to generic doors, homeowner and blogger Ashley Thurman affixed trim and applied a new white finish. The result: her very own Shaker-style cabinets. Iron knobs and pulls add a charming country touch.

Check out Ashley's blog, Cherished Bliss, to learn how to make your own doors.

3. Before: The Dated Rustic Look

Dark, knotty pine made the cook space of this 1870s coastal getaway look dated.

3. After: Trade the Old for the Blue

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

These Martha's Vineyard homeowners opted for new cabinets with updated windowpanes. Brushed-silver hardware and the perfect shade of sea-foam-blue paint transform the space into an inviting, bright oasis.

See the whole kitchen redo here.

4. Before: Dated White Cabinets

The bright kitchen of this 1920s cottage had lots of potential.

4. After: Modernize With Period Accents

To better match the home's vintage charm, the homeowners chose to build their own beadboard cabinets and finish them with antique latches.

Get the scoop on the full-house redo here.

5. Before: Nice…But Where's the Character?

Photo by Courtesy of A Home Full of Color

The bones of this "before" space were functional but didn't reflect the personal style of the homeowners.

5. After: Turn Up the Charm With Two Tones

Photo by Courtesy of A Home Full of Color

Blogger Shavonda Gardner created a colorblock palette, a big cosmetic change for cheap. Calming gray and white counter the deep-blue walls. Open shelving, made from existing cabinetry, enlivens the room with small pops of color. New hardware adds a modern touch.

Learn more about Shavonda's cabinet redo at the blog A Home Full of Color.

6. Before: Dark and Dated Kitchen

The traditional wood cabinets and rustic hardware of this Victorian-era foursquare were unspectacular.

6. After: Fake a Splurge

Photo by Julian Wass

Doused in a cool-blue wash and a warm-brown glaze, the cabinets now make the kitchen worth bragging about. Backlit fluted panels imitate stacked cabinets at a fraction of the price.

Click here for more information about this reno.