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Best of Home Inspection Nightmares

These home inspectors have seen it all! Here's our latest round up from ASHI Reporter

Look Out Below

Photo by Ron Passaro

Watch that first step—it's a doozy.

Ron Passaro

Bethel, Conn.

Deep Freeze, Take 2

Photo by Ron Cook

It's important to winterize your sill cocks here in New England, too.

Ron Cook

Close-up Home Inspection

Hopedale, Maine

Hey, I Can Tile My Own Shower!

Photo by Tom Kaminski

It just needs a little caulking to finish the job!

Tom Kaminski

Cross Island Home Inspection

Sayville, N.Y.

Too Close for Comfort

Courtesy of ASHI Reporter

Don't forget to turn off the fan before checking the smoke alarm!

Matthew Steger

WIN Home Inspection

Lancaster, Pa.

Going with the Grain

“Not wall switches; they are ‘vertical cabinet switches with a matching grain wall plate,’ per owner.”

Stephen Tyler

STAT Home Inspections

Doylestown, Pa.

Pop! There’s Corn in the Roof

Courtesy of ASHI Reporter

This proves corn can grow anyplace in Nebraska.

Ted Rabenberg

Advanced Home Inspections

Fairmont, NE

Overheated Receptacle


"Is this electrical outlet too close to the spigot? Not to worry. A self-cooling water system is in place."

James Brock

Boston Home Inspectors Inc.

South Boston, MA


Photo by Matt Wynne

The latest in energy-efficient building products: the self-powered outlet.

Matt Wynne

Aberdeen Building Consulting

Long Island, NY

An Unhelpful Hand(rail)

Photo by

Can you find the carpenter's mistake? Clue: The end isn't painted.

Roger Hankey

ACI, Hankey & Brown Inspection Services

Eden Prairie, MN

Flush before Washing

Courtesy of ASHI Reporter

A water-saving feature, if the tank doesn’t overflow.

Joseph A. Pasaturo

PE of AVT Engineering

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Plenty of Light in the Attic

Courtesy of ASHI Reporter

What is the R-value of an empty beer case?

Dan Prescott

Buyers Protection Group

St. Louis

Trapped Again

This photo was taken from under a kitchen sink with a drain that takes the scenic route. I call it Creative Plumbing 101. "Joe the Plumber" comes to mind, too.

Terry McCann

Harbor Light Inspection Services

Sagamore Hills, Ohio


Let's see—that extension cord goes to? Hmm...I wonder why it's arcing? LOL.

Cliff Sims

All City Inspections

El Cajon, Calif.

Lack of Deck Support

There is a reason I inspect the outside first! The homeowner still uses this deck for BBQs and didn't understand my concerns about the lack of support underneath!

Jim Foss

Best Inspection Inc

Anchorage, Alaska

Splish, Splash I Was Taking a...Zap!

These electrical disconnect boxes sit directly under a working faucet—a recipe for electrocution.

James Brock

Boston Home Inspectors

Boston, MA

Structural Glazing?

The support for this second-floor deck is screwed to the mullion between two out-swinging casement windows. I was told not to open the windows.

James Brock

Boston Home Inspectors

Boston, MA

It's a Dry Heat

This is a new one. Dryer vent tubing used as duct work connected to the furnace.

Larry Transue


Inspection, Inc.

Easton, PA

Gaming the System

The only problems I see with this cleverly rigged support system is that the Yahtzee® box is not plumb, and the can of paint should be full before being used to hold up loose ductwork.

Nate Stitzlein

Crow Home Inspection, LLC

Baltimore, OH

Getting Very Little Support

This deck is on the edge of a 100 foot drop off to the woods, all the support coming from concrete blocks wedged onto uneven rocks. Would you trust it?

David Grudzinski

Advantage Home Inspections

Cranston, R.I.

Cooking and Cleaning

Photo by Ken Salvo

I love my job. Always something new. I have NEVER seen this before—a dishwasher installed directly under an electric cook top that's right up against the refrigerator. You can cook and wash dishes at the same time! A great way to make the "kitchen work triangle" more efficient!

Ken Salvo

Ridge Home Inspection, Inc.

Basking Ridge, N.J.

More Than a Drop in the Bucket

I guess hanging a bucket off the wall was easier and cheaper than fixing the roof.

Tim Hemm

Tim Hemm Inspections

Yucaipa, Calif.