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Home Inspection Nightmares XXII

Leaking roofs, crazy chimneys, and—of course—wild animals: More insane discoveries, courtesy of the folks at the ASHI Reporter

Chimney Driller Needed

Photo by David Grudzinski

I have seen some chimneys that need to be cleaned, but this one will need a tunnel-boring machine. This is the flue for the wood stove in a house I inspected. The owners reported that the wood stove was smoking a lot. I wonder why?? How this did not catch fire is beyond me.

David Grudzinski

Advantage Home Inspections

Cranston, R.I.

Courtesy of

Roof-Top Grill

Photo by Greg Bertaux

This is from a recent inspection. Spark arrestor or BBQ?

Greg Bertaux, P.E.

Vero Beach, Fla.

Courtesy of


Photo by Bob Pyne

Normally you mount the two black boxes of a garage door safety sensor a few inches up from the floor on the sides of the door so you know if something is in the way as the door is closing. This is a much more creative way to install one. Maybe it would work for bats or birds in your garage.

Bob Pyne

AmeriSpec Inspection Services

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Courtesy of

Leak Management System #1

Photo by Bob Pyne

I call an indoor gutter a garage roof leak management system.

Pat Norton

Norton Inspection Co.

Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Courtesy of

Leak Management System #2

Photo by Dan Howard

So, when there is a funnel collecting water from a roof leak and the hose from the funnel goes through the side wall, is it a roof leak or a siding leak?

Dan Howard

Home Inspections By Dan Howard

Freeport, Pa.

Courtesy of

A Little Short

Photo by Jerry Linkhorn

Budget cuts? Say no more.

Jerry Linkhorn

Linkhorn Home Inspections

Thornville, Ohio

Courtesy of

It Gets a Good Night's Sleep

Photo by Steve Hier

5,800 inspections and this folded mattress under the compressor is one of the strangest things I've ever seen. I guess this does take the vibration noise out of the bedroom below.

Steve Hier

Miller-Hier Home Inspection

Chicago, Ill.

Fuzzy Logic

Photo by Chris Shupp

Someone must have misplaced the owner's manual and figured, "I guess the filter just goes where the air goes through these louvers in the front of the furnace."

Chris Shupp

Holmes & Watson Real Estate Inspection, LLC

Santa Clara, Calif.

House Guest

Photo by Jacob D. Troost

I would imagine the guests have learned about the new habitable attic provisions in the 2009 International Residential Code!

Jacob D. Troost

Buyers 1st inspection Service Inc.

Brodheadsville, Pa.

Double Wacky

Photo by Phillip Timothy

DIYers always have more fun! Drains that connect in a straight line and use gravity to help move water are soooo boring.

Phillip Timothy

1ST Choice Home Inspections

Nebraska City, Neb.

Anchors Away

Photo by Ken Meyer

I call this photo "repurposed wall anchors." Who needs code-specified wire nuts? It's just electricity.

Ken Meyer

Portico Home Inspection LLC

Portland, Ore.

Roof Surprise

Photo by Lawrence F. Nies

I've read articles about whether or not inspectors should climb on roofs. I do, and from the roof of this house, I found Roy Raccoon in the chimney.

Lawrence F. Nies

National Property Inspections

Wattsburg, Pa.


Photo by Brandon Dyles

How do you tell builders are cutting back? The patio slabs keep getting smaller.

Brandon Dyles

Picture Perfect Inspections

Bartlett, Tenn.


Photo by David Grudzinski

Well, looking at this vent setup, we know why the tub won't drain.

David Grudzinski

Advantage Home Inspections

Cranston, R.I.

Coffee Can Lighting

Photo by Nicholas Dominick

I found this under 10" of insulation. Do you think this is where the term "can lights" for recessed lighting came from?

Nicholas Dominick

Buyer's Guide Home Inspections LLC

Gambrills, Md.

Feet First

Photo by Mark Kelsey

Converting a tub to a shower is easier than you think, and you even end up with an innovative foot-washing station!

Mark Kelsey

American Home Inspection Service, Inc.

Columbia, Mo.