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Home Inspection Nightmares I

The best of the worst home inspection discoveries, courtesy of the ASHI Reporter.

What a Trip

Photo by Charles A. Gabriels, InspectionsRus

This bathroom outlet is not a GFCI. Thank providence, this homeowner had the presence of mind to leave all of the tags on, advising of potential shock hazard.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Q & A

Photo by Val Sarko, Reliable Inspections

Q: What do you look for while inspecting a rubber roof?

A: Bullet holes, of course.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Another automotive heating system

Photo by Scott Sharp, Guardian Home Inspections LLC

You're looking at some fine Ozark engineering. Yes, that is an automotive radiator attached to floor joists with hot water piped to it. All the pipes and the wood-burning boiler were constructed of recycled components from who knows what. And this is only what I could see. The system never did function to their satisfaction. I wonder why?

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Classic plumbing

Photo by Ken Harrington, Kustom Home Inspection

The work of an auto mechanic turned plumber? A radiator hose from a 1945 Pontiac was used to replace piping leading into the main drain stack.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter


Photo by Ron Passaro, ASHI founder

Here's another brilliant idea: Keep the supply & return registers close together so the hot air can flow freely back to the furnace.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Too dumb for words

Photo by Bob Mulloy, Allsafe Home Inspection Service

This picture speaks for itself! Maybe that air conditioner helps block all the soot and carbon monoxide from the chimney?

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Details, details

Photo by Lon Grossman, Technihouse Inspections, Inc.

Flashing—who needs flashing?! We like our attic a little wet...

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter


Photo by Jack Harper II, ProTection Inspection, Inc.

"Bee" careful when looking down chimneys, especially on an old two-story farm house with a steep pitched roof. It was quite a surprise to find honeybees. Usually, we encounter wasps, hornets, raccoons, etc.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Another dead animal

Photo by Dennis Pinciaro, All American Home Inspections High Country LLC

Is it a bird, plane or rodent stuck in a vent? I found this on the interior wall of a mechanical room.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter


Photo by Mark Underwood, Clear View Inspections, Inc.

Here you have your basic downspout planter, with an attractive—and healthy—sword fern contrasting nicely with the red window trim. You too can have one of these beautiful planters. Just don't clean your gutters for five years.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

The good news

Photo by Jack Koelling, Advantage Home Inspections, LLC

Harry Homeowner installed this CPVC pipe touching the flue pipe of this hot water heater. The fix? Slip some cardboard (yes, it's flammable) between the warm flue pipe and meltable plastic! The good news? The gas was turned off and I recommended repairs by a licensed plumber before re-inspection.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

One has to wonder

Photo by Tom Brooks, Extra Mile Home Inspections

The top photo shows an unprotected light bulb in a homeowner-constructed shower in the basement of a home I inspected. As if that wasn't bad enough, the second photo shows that in that same bathroom, he located a switch INSIDE the shower stall!

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Growth in the Real Estate Market

Photo by Scott Scheuer, Protection Plus Home Inspections

Don't have the heart to uproot the tree? Why not just build around it?

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter


Photo by Jason Ostby, First Defense Home Inspections

How to secure the column to the I-beam that supports the floor? "Well, if we can't find the bolts or the welder, just stick some nails in there." I can't imagine any other explanation for this find in a one-year-old home.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter


Photo by C. John Limongello, Southern Home Inspection Services

This section of water heater flue pipe is made entirely out of aluminum foil! How long do you think a highly corrosive metal with a low melting point will last with warm, acidic flue gases running through it?

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Gutter goof

Photo by Doug Zimmerman, Independent Inspection Service, LLC

I found this rain gutter capped on both ends. I wasn't surprised to find decayed material inside.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter


Photo by Tony Infelise, ASI Home Inspection, Inc.

This is a photo of a garage furnace b-vent in front of a bedroom window. Someone opening the window trying to get some fresh air with the furnace operating can draw CO into the building. Don't take too much of a deep breath.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter


Photo by John Cranor, Cranor Home Inspections

I captured this photo in the crawl space of a new-construction home after it had passed all municipal inspections. The bathtub drain was never completed.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter


Photo by Daniel Dunham, Englewood Home Inspections

I found this on a recent inspection. When the toilet was flushed, water and whatever spurted out around this bottle.

No support

Photo by Stephen Giesen, Home Survey, Inc.

Another I-beam fiasco. The beam is too short, the pocket cut into the foundation is too deep, and that pile of shims is a dicey quick fix. I hope there is never an earthquake near this house!!

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Homemade Humidifier

Photo by Brian Mishler, HomeStudy Inc.

Saw this at an inspection today, and it was good for a chuckle. Apparently, the homeowner didn't want to mess with all that high-tech gadgetry in a humidifier, so he replaced it with a Cool Whip container filled with water!

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

How green was my roof

Photo by Joe W. Bailey, House Call Inspection Service, LLC

This house's roof was literally covered in moss, as shown in the picture. I didn't know whether to recommend a lawn service or moss removal.

(Please note: This image was colorized green from a black and white image)

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter