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Home Inspection Nightmares XXIII

Blocked breaker boxes, trapped animals, and a new take on the "home theater." Check out the latest wild discoveries made by house inspectors, courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Drive-In Theater

"On a recent inspection, I found a projection TV mounted to the bottom of a garage door opener. Most inspectors probably are not aware of this projection TV upgrade from the manufacturer. Please note: vehicle garage door can only be opened during commercials or halftime!"

Tim Hamilton

Associated Building Inspectors of Florida

Miami, Fla.

Ready for His Close-Up

"I found this squirrel in the attic posing for the camera."

Dan Schuerman

Schuerman Inspections, LLC

Cincinnati, Ohio

What a Drip

"Clever way to control a roof leak: String-to-bucket water collection system?"

Kirk Bingenheimer

B-Sure Inspections, LLC

Charleston, S.C.

Too Close for Venting

"Do you think this water heater chimney vent is too close to the house, soffit, or window?"

Gerard Poster

Arrow Home Inspections, Inc.

Morganville, N.J.


When you run out of electrical tape to cover exposed wires, just use foil.

Dennis Pinciaro

All American Home Inspections High Country LLC

Sedona, Ariz.

Where's the Electrical Panel?

"Why, behind the beans, of course. That's not going to be any problem in an emergency, is it?"

Lawrence Nies

National Property Inspections

Wattsburg, Pa.

Get Outside and Play, Kids!

"I found this live 220-line feeding a distant garage. At some point, the kids ripped off the cover to a junction box and had the wires out and damaged. I went over to test with a voltage detector and saw that the wires were burned, but still live."

David Grudzinski

Advantage Home Inspections

Cranston, R.I.


"I found this frog in a crawl space. Seems this particular crawl space has some ground water issues."

Boyd Meyer

Premier Advantage Home Inspections, Inc.

Clinton, Utah

Plumber: 1; Electrician: 0

"Here is an electrical sub-panel I could not get at. Maybe the plumber and electrician did not get along, and the plumber won."

Jay de Wolf

de Wolf Inspection Services

Burlingame, Calif.

All Wrong

"I inspected this furnace in a newly remodeled house. That is a single-wall vent pipe in the attic, sealed with duct tape, attached to the framing with electrical cord and terminating in a turbine vent. In the photo on the right, you can see the clearance issues with the temperature control and the wall unit. The whole thing is wrong!"

Timothy Hemm

Eagle Home Inspections

Yucaipa, Calif.

One Temp Fits All

"This is that new shower head where apparently one temperature suits all. Notice there is no water control valve on the wall. The red knob turns the water on. Permits and approvals, anyone?"

Gerard Poster

Arrow Environmental Services, Inc.

Jackson, N.J.

Fido's Furnace

"Is your dog looking for his dish? Well, we found the dog food dish being used to cover the duct port to the furnace."

Brenda Julian

Full Service Property Inspections, LLC

Clinton, Ohio

A Daring Fix

"Yes, those are live wires, spliced together and exposed. Go ahead, touch it! I dare you."

David Grudzinski

Advantage Home Inspections

Cranston, R.I.

Elegant AND Dangerous

"How many times do we have to say this: No electrical fixtures in the shower or bath area! For ambiance (and safety), candles may be a better choice..."

Pete Wilden

Tri-County Inspection Co., Inc.

Woodbury, N.J.

Tight Fit

"Parking is a little tight in this neighborhood."

Jim Clark

True Blue Home Inspections, Inc.

Chicago, Ill.

Tilty as Charged

"Architect? Who needs to waste money using an architect? Our overhange will look just fine without one!"

Lon Grossman

Technihouse Inspections, Inc.

Bloomfield Hills, Mich.