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Home Inspection Nightmares VIII

More weird home inspector discoveries

A little privacy, please

Photo by David Sherwood

I was performing an inspection for a priest at a rectory. I was on the third floor, which was hardly ever used, and opened a closed door to find a cat in the urinal. "Holy cat, Batman!" The funny thing was the priest didn't even know the cat. Weird.

David Sherwood

Sherwood Inspection Services

South Windsor, Conn.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Jump in, but don't jump out

Photo by Dan Kopp

I did not inspect this home, but had to take a picture when I drove by and saw this hot tub on the second-story deck without a guard rail on the side. Watch that first step as you exit the hot tub—it's a killer.

Dan Kopp

Valley Home Inspection

Caldwell, Idaho

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Chew on this

Photo by Lamar Rase

You know you're a redneck HVAC tech when you use a chew can for a junction box.

Lamar Rase

Complete Home Inspections, Inc.

Missoula, Mont.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Flotation device

Photo by Frank L. Turner

There are lots of uses for empty plastic buckets. I found this drain system support in an expensive house on the water in coastal South Carolina. One big storm and the "support" will be out the door and floating away!

Frank L. Turner

Turner Home Inspection Services

Beaufort, S.C.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Medusa's junction box

Photo by Garet Denise

Why even install a junction box if all the junctions are on the outside? What's worse is that this was the handiwork of a licensed contractor, with a permit, and had been signed-off by the local municipal inspector.

Garet Denise

Cornerstone Inspection, LLC

Littleton, Colo.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

In need of some support

Photo by Brandon Dyles

This car jack is supporting the cast iron plumbing in a crawl space. The lower part of the jack is just about rusted out.

Brandon Dyles

Picture Perfect Inspections

Bartlett, Tenn.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Above the fray

Photo by Andrew Haverland

These infrared garage door sensors—meant to stop the door from moving if they sense a car or person in the opening—may not work so well mounted on the ceiling.

Andrew Haverland

Building Inspection of Florida

Murdock, Fla.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Ice, ice, baby

Photo by Bil Greg

No wonder the AC did not work in this home. It was frozen!

Bil Greg

BIG Home Inspections

Springfield, Va.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

No hands on deck, please

Photo by Jim Rooney

This joist hanger holds up the rear deck of a townhouse that was built with pressure-treated lumber. Unfortunately, the chemicals in the wood have reacted with the metal and destroyed the stirrup. Any real weight on this joist will result in a failure. I guess that's one way to crash a party.

Jim Rooney

Freestate Home Inspections

Annapolis, Md.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Archeological discovery

Photo by Mike Leiden

This sub-panel is live and in use on the basement ceiling in a 117-year-old house. I've heard of electrical systems being grandfathered, but not great-grandfathered.

Mike Leiden

Castle Inspections

Cleveland, Ohio

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Direct line

Photo by Richard Madore

When the power company told its crew to run electricity to this house, I'm sure they didn't mean to just stick all the wires through a hole in the roof!

Richard Madore

Pillar to Post Home Inspection

Newington, Conn.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Bad connection

Photo by Jim Entwisle

The white plug wire was powering a floor fan trying to dry up water on the basement floor of a local condominium. When reported to the association board, its response was: "We have an on site superintendent who has been here for years and we've never had a problem."

Jim Entwisle

A-Plus Home Inspection LLC

Fairfield, Conn.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Rubbery thinking

Photo by Dan Kopp

The installer of the ground wire was smart enough to know that you shouldn't install a galvanized ground clamp to a copper plumbing line, but not smart enough to know that if you insulate the connection with a piece of rubber inner tube you might as well not connect it at all because the plumbing lines won't be grounded.

Dan Kopp

Valley Home Inspection

Caldwell, Idaho

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Copper's not THAT expensive

Photo by John Woods

This is a water pipe connection made with a water hose. I guess the owner didn't own a torch.

John Woods

Champia Real Estate Inspections

Marietta, Ga.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Bee careful!

Photo by Charlie Rice

When walking a roof, it's always a good idea to peek down the plumbing vent stack. You never know what might be clogging that air flow.

Charlie Rice

Pillar to Post

Sykesville, Md.

courtesy of the ASHI Reporter