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Home Inspection Nightmares XXVI

Moss, mold, and dead mice—plus more gruesome discoveries made by house inspectors, courtesy of the ASHI Reporter

Not THAT Kind of Green Roof

"While you're out there mowing the lawn, don't forget to mow the roof."

Richard Madore

Pillar to Post Home Inspection

Newington, Conn.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Kiddie Stickers

"I saw this freshly poured concrete slab, with the rebar still sticking out, at an inspection recently. I can't believe the lack of thought some people use when letting their children play. Just imagine what would happen if the child fell."

David Grudzinski

Advantage Home Inspections

Cranston, R.I.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Wired Up!

"Breaker box in a cable jungle. Access, access ... I don't need no freaking access!"

Greg H. Mathias

CatmanDo Real Estate Services, Inc.

Lewisburg, Pa.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Bad Wrap

"Most people insulate the pipes above a water heater to save energy. But why not cut to the chase and just insulate the electrical conduit delivering the energy?"

Stan Audette

AAD Inspection Corp.

Boise, Idaho

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Cats in the Belfry

"I had limited access to this beam, as the homeowner had installed a security system."

Mario Lucciola

All Spec Building Inspections

St. Catharinas, Ontario

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

"W" is for What the Heck?

"I learned from this undersink arrangement that you need ribbed drain lines to truly perfect the infamous 'W trap,' even though the right side of this W is a little twisted up and out of its usefulness as a trap."

Steve Rottenberg

Alert Inspection Service, Inc.

Sarasota, FL

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

The New Duct Tape

"These are Zip Ties being used as replacements for garage door bolts. There were nine bolts missing on this door, all replaced with Zip Ties."

Mike Stewart

National Property Inspection

Oakley, Calif.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter


"Tired of spider webs and other items like cars and small children crossing the safety sensors that will stop your garage door from closing? Just install the sensors 2 feet apart up by the roof trusses and you'll have no more issues."

Paul King

Inspector Paul, Inc.

Fort Mill, S.C.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Ammunition for a Failed Inspection

"This is an ammo box used as a junction box. I didn't check to see if there were any live rounds in the box."

Nate Stitzlein

Crow Home Inspection

Baltimore, Ohio

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Minor Design Flaw

"Interesting placement of an exhaust fan."

Joe Lengel

Advantage Home Services, Inc.

Garrettsville, Ohio

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

This Mold House

"Here's a lesson: Don't turn off the power in the unoccupied, unattended home you have for sale to save the cost of the 'meter reader.' You never know when the water table might rise due to heavy rains and you need the use of your sump pump."

Calvin Bolt

Calvin Bolt Inspections & Testing

Warsaw, Ind.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

March Madness

"I found this interesting use of a basketball as a flue hole stopper during an inspection last March. Thought it was appropriate for the time of year and the NCAA basketball tournament."

Nate Stitzlein

Crow Home Inspection

Baltimore, Ohio

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Mini Water Heater

"This light bulb was found in a pendant fixture with no globe. The filament had failed, but current was passing through the water, making it warm.

"A faint arcing noise was present. When removed, there was no opening in the base of the bulb and no water leaked out. Hard to explain!"

Steve Anderson

Anderson AmeriSpec

Germantown, Tenn.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Wrapper's Delight

"This appears to be a new pipe fitting that connects galvanized to copper pipe, which would normally cause corrosion due to electrolysis. The surprising thing is that it was not leaking."

Bjorn Rygg

Pillar to Post Home Inspections

Langley, B.C.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

A Little to the Right...

"This is what happens when you remove a building from the row. The right wall of the left building visibly leans and is being 'supported' with mere 2xs propped between both buildings."

Matthew Wynne

Aberdeen Building Consulting

Long Island, N.Y.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Bird Sanctuary

"I found this bird's nest in the attic of a 5-year-old home. The bird apparently discovered a loose dryer vent and worked hard to develop both an inner and outer nest. Who says it's a single-family home!"

Bob Walstead

Nationwide Property Services

Colo. Springs, Colo.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Morning Jolt

"This short piece of exposed extension cord is somehow connected to a dimmer switch. The cord was energized whether the switch is on or off, demonstrated here by the light on my tester. It's a shocking situation that might get you powered up first thing in the morning."

Timothy Hemm

Tim Hemm Inspection

Yucaipa, Calif.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Sparkling Flower Shoots

"Here's some live, 220 cable capped off with aging wire nuts and electrical tape instead of connected to a lantern or junction box. I like to call it an 'e-flower.'"

Bruce Zhang, RHI

Summerview House & Building Service, Ltd.

Markham, Ontario

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

What's Wrong Here?

"Or more simply, what isn't wrong here? Let's start with the missing trap on the right drain, which is supposed to serve both the dishwasher and the right sink. Or the dishwasher drain line that's going to get a flood of backwash every time the sink empties. Or maybe the power connection for the dishwasher on the bottom left, which is tied off with electrical tape and no junction box. Just for a start, that is."

David Grudzinski

Advantage Home Inspections

Cranston, R.I.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Vent? More Like a Drain!

"I found this flush-cut plumbing vent one day on a roof and said, 'There has to be the potential for a leak somewhere in there!' Rain shedding down the shingles would just pour right in."

Randy Birzer

Birzer Home Inspection, LLC

Eugene, Oregon

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

A Three-Hour Tour...A Three Hour Tour

"This mouse I found in a sump pump didn't think ahead. He brought his raft, but not enough food."

Mike Prestidge

Fox Valley Home Inspections, Inc.

St. Charles, Ill.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

When the Wind Blows...

"I came across this tree tied down to the electrical main at a recent inspection, which makes me wonder which of the two is going to stay in place during the next big storm. My guess is if the wind begins to blow, the AC won't!"

Mike Lauby

Sunland Home Inspection

Phoenix, Ariz.

Courtesy of The ASHI Reporter