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18 Desk Accessories to Enhance Your Workspace

It can be hard to muster up the motivation needed to get our work done sometimes, but with the right touch, you can turn your desk into a chic and cozy spot that you’ll never want to leave.

home office desk

Simple details and accessories like inspirational quotes and DIY string lights can brighten up a space and help push you to meet your goals. Whether your desk is in a home office or a corporate cubicle, these trendy and modern desk accessories will liven up the room and make work seem like less of a chore.

1. Dry-Erase Calendar

dry erase calendar

This gold-framed calendar will help keep you on track. The dry-erase board allows you to stay updated any month of any year.

Urban Outfitters; $16

2. Marble Accessory Set

marble desk accessories

Stay organized with this stylish stationery set. The trio of chic desk accessories includes a marble stapler, pen cup and tape dispenser.

Ali Express; about $33

3. String Lights with Clips

string lights

Add ambience to the room with these pretty string lights. Display photos, notes, bills and more from the attached clips.

Amazon from $7

4. Monitor Stand

desk monitor stand

Upgrade your desk with a modern stand for the monitor. The added shelf lends a clean and airy look to the space and creates room for storage below. This works great unless you plan to mount your monitors, of course.

Amazon; $120

5. Words of Encouragement

motivational print

Sometimes we need a little push to stay motivated. Let this quote be a daily reminder to hit your goals.

Etsy; about $6 for print

6. Metallic Pens


Jot down notes and cross things off your to-do list with these gorgeous metal ballpoint pens.

Amazon; about $7

7. 5 Year Journal Set

journal set

Track five years worth of goals and reflections with this journal keepsake set. You’ll be delighted to look back on all you’ve accomplished.

Rifle Paper Co; $24

8. Feet Hammock

under-desk foot hammock

Who says you can’t be cozy and constructive?

Amazon; about $23

9. Gilded Filing

gilded file holder

These minimalist triangles are perfect for containing your mail pile or filing documents.

CB2; about $25

10. Geode Mouse Pad

geode mouse pad

This fun gemstone mouse pad looks gorgeous on the desktop and makes your workday a little smoother.

Etsy; about $12

11. Charging Station

charging station

Keep all tech devices charged and organized on this leather station that can hold a laptop, tablets and multiple smartphones.

Amazon; about $41

12. Marble Sticky Notes

marble-pattern post-its

Shelf Allure sums these sticky notes up perfectly, “Classy – just like you”.

Amazon; about $9

13. Planters


Small plants on the desk instantly boost your space. Grab these geometric planters and add your favorite succulents or airplants.

Etsy; $20

14. Coffee Warmer

mug warmer

There’s nothing worse than getting so caught up in work that your neglected coffee cup turns cold. This modern desk accessory solves that problem! Bonus: If you love candles but can’t burn them in the work place, set one on this heater to release the aroma.

Bed Bath & Beyond; about $11

15. Book Ends


Contain texts within these beautiful stone bookends.

West Elm; $81 for set

16. USB Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt desk lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are all the rage. Get this mini version that plugs into the computer via USB.

Amazon; about $26

17. Mini Fridge


Tuck a mini fridge beneath the desk so that you stay focused and hydrated without having to leave the room.

Urban Outfitters; $179

18. Cord Clips

cord clip

Eliminate cord clutter with these little adhesive clips. Stick on the desktop or side of the monitor.

The Container Store; about $8-10 for 9