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How to Hang a Hammock

Hammocks are great for unwinding, napping, read a book while lounging, and soaking up the sun. Here are a few easy steps for hanging a hammock.

Two hammocks hung between trees in a large backyard. iStock

Traditionally, hammocks are hung outdoors, but more and more people are bringing them indoors as well. Listed below are a few gorgeous options that are relaxation-ready for your bedroom or porch.

And if you’d rather not fuss with the installation, you can opt for a free-standing swing or a seat that hangs from the ceiling via a piece of hardware. Either way, make sure your securing indoor option to a sturdy framing, and using these tips for outdoor installation:

  • Look for healthy hardwood trees at least 38 inches in circumference.
  • The trees should be spaced so the hammock is taut when you hang it—a distance at least one foot longer than your hammock should suffice.
  • Install eyebolts at least 2 inches into the tree; they should be 3/8 inch or larger in diameter. Place them 5 to 6 feet high so you won’t bottom out.
(This article originally appeared in This Old House magazine. Author: Natalie Rodriguez)