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10 DIY String Light Ideas

Nothing warms up a space like string lights. They add coziness, are painless to display, and are typically very affordable (you can often grab perfectly good options from the clearance section). Perhaps you’ve only utilized them during the holiday season, but they look just as pretty when hung up all year round

string lights

Lighted garland looks great draped over a mantle, hung above a headboard, traced around the perimeter of the ceiling, and more – the options are unlimited. Below are ten string light ideas from creatives that you can recreate for an added glow in your room or on a patio.

Tips: Use LED lights as they save energy and are safer because they generate less heat. Adhesive clips will help keep your DIY string lights hanging without leaving any holes or marks on the walls.

1. Ping Pong Bulbs

string lights with ping pong balls Honey and Lime

These elegant spherical lights cost just a few bucks to make. Buy a bulk pack of pong balls and follow the instructions by Honey and Lime.

2. Gilded

gilded string lights The Boozy Bungalow

A can of spray paint and string of globe lights creates a high-end result. Get the (hilarious) step by step details from The Boozy Bungalow who shares, “They look fabulous on my black fireplace, but they’ll also look really nice on your Christmas tree, or wherever the hell you plan to hang them”.

3. Kitties

kitty string lights Cakies

How adorable are these little black cat lights by Cakies; perfect for a fun room accent, Halloween, and crazy cat ladies alike!

4. Ombre

ombre string lights The Merry Thought

This gradient garland made with lantern globes just might be our personal favorite. It’s easy to DIY with instruction from The Merry Thought, and the completed look is super versatile.

5. Cute Cups

string lights with baking cups Jacks and Kate

It only took five minutes for Krisha at Jacks and Kate to upgrade her string lights with, that’s right, baking cups. The end result looks pretty sweet.

6. Starlight

star string lights Mon Makes Things

Create your very own constellation with these star-embellished lights by Monica at Mon Makes Things. Pro tip: purchase twinkle lights for an added glimmer effect.

7. Natural Look

natural look string lights Homey Oh My!

Even when unplugged, this string light DIY elevates the room. Amy at Homey Oh My! lit up greens for a gorgeous look whether hung on a wall, over the patio, or laid upon a tablescape.

8. Personalized Pyramids

personalized pyramids string lights Once Wed

Perfect for a celebration, one’s name, or displaying a fun message, letters are illuminated on this paper pennant garland. Get the details for these DIY string lights over at One Wed.

9. No-Hassel Tassel

tassels with string lights Feathering My Nest

Accent a string of lights with tassels of various hues and lengths. Click over to Feathering My Nest to read more.

10. Paper Cutouts

string lights with paper leaf cutouts Dream Green DIY

A string of mini lights and paper leaf cutouts resulted in this dainty display by Dream Green DIY . Plus, this fun piece is a quick way to add a pop of color to a plain interior.