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Maker Interview: Sam Raimondi of DIY Huntress

House One’s Jenn Largesse interviews Sam Raimondi of DIY Huntress in this installment of House One Maker Interview Series.

Jenn: Hey guys, I’m Jenn, from House One. And today I’m here with Sam from DIY Huntress. Sam, thank you so much for being here.

Sam: Thank you for having me.

Jenn: Sam is the builder maker behind DIY Huntress. You can find her on her website and on Instagram and Facebook. Can you tell us a little more about DIY Huntress?

Sam: DIY Huntress is obviously a DIY website. I specialize in woodworking projects that are affordable and that are easy to do for beginners and intermediate woodworkers. I also give some home improvement tips.

How did you get started?

Sam: My dad taught me how to use power tools when I was a teenager because I refused to work in retail. And he said, “Well, you need a summer job.” So he brought me to his job sites and taught me how to lay flooring, do tile work, and painting, and I did the home improvement thing for a while and then came up with this craft blog at first. I missed the home improvement part of it, so then started doing woodworking and home improvement from there.

What is your favorite project?

Sam: I recently built a sideboard to house my record player, my record collection, and then like my wine bottles—because those things go together perfectly. And it was very multi purpose. It was one of those builds that it was my first big builds, but it was still approachable. I wanted other people to see that there was this cool, elegant piece of furniture that they can make. It just was my favorite, my absolute favorite.

What does your workspace look like?

Sam: So my workshop is in a shed in my parent’s backyard, but I share it with my dad’s classic car business. So I’m in about an eight-by-ten workable space.

Jenn: Wow.

Sam: Yeah, it’s tiny, but it’s doable. Everything is mobile. Everything folds up. Everything has its place. And if I don’t put things back in their place, I don’t fit in my shop. So, I don’t have an option but a lot of times, the bigger pieces will come outside with me and I’ll just have to work on them outside and it’s nice.

What is your best advice for new DIY’ers?

Sam: I had to learn a lot of new tools because starting in home improvement was cool, but once you move to woodworking, there are lot more specialty tools and things that are not necessarily used when you’re tiling a floor. So for me, you know, I found some help through my Dad who does it. Youtube is a great way to watch how to use things and learn a manual. And then, I just learn to not take it so seriously, you know you go your local lumber store. You buy some cheaper wood. You practice on scraps, and then once you feel comfortable, you’re good. It’s okay to mess up. You can always mess up and throw something out and start all over again. I think, you know, people get really wrapped up in being like, “what if I don’t do it the right way” but that’s okay.

Jenn: Expect to make mistakes.

Sam: Exactly. It’s part of the process.

Jenn: It’s part of the process is learning from those mistakes then growing from that.

Sam: Exactly.

What video styles or makers inspire you?

Sam: Right now, what stands out to me is the simplistic design. The simple things that look awesome but don’t take a lot of tools, effort or time.

Jenn: Right. And I think that’s something that you do as well. And you’re building amazing things.

Sam: Thank you. Thank you. I hope, I am.

Jenn: Yeah. Well, thank you so much for being with us. We really appreciate it. And if you guys want to check out more of Sam’s stuff, you can always check her out on @diyhuntress on Instagram and Facebook (and YouTube). And also at