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Accessories You Need if You Love to Grill

Love to grill? Host a Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or fun seasonal bash to remember with gadgets that will enhance your grill skills. Read on to see our guide to grilling accessories.

A grill staton made of garden planters.

Our focus is usually on a different set of tools, but barbecue season is here and we’re seeking out the best accessories for your summer celebrations.

16 Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set

A solid set of grilling tools is essential at the cookout. This highly-rated pack comes with a basting brush, spatula, tongs, skewers, and more.

$31.99, Amazon

Deep Dish Grilling Tray

No more food falling through the grates!

$45, Amazon

Wireless Meat Thermometer

Monitor the temps on two separate items with this dual-probe thermometer from up to 300 feet away.

$39.99, Amazon

Grill Floss

Clean all 360° of grimy grates with this stainless steel scraper.

$27, Amazon

Meat Claws

Shred up your meat of choice in seconds with these food-safe claws.

$6.59, Amazon

Heat-Resistant Gloves

Better safe than scorching!

$23.95, Amazon

Branding Iron with Changeable Letters

Leave your mark to call dibs on your cut or add a festive message to everybody’s plate.

$18.99, Amazon

Magnetic LED Lamp

BBQing doesn’t stop just because the sun goes down.

$19.95, Amazon

Grilling Basket

Lock smaller pieces within this flippable tray for even cooking.

$21.99, Amazon

Propane Gauge

Accurately measure propane so that you always know how much grilling you can do.

$14.99, Amazon

Cleaning Brush

Make sure to clean at the end of your grill sesh so that there’s no food residue or grease leftover next time you fire her up.

$19.95, Amazon