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How to Build a DIY Pet House

Build your dog or cat a stylish home using a half sheet of plywood. Download these plans and watch the video for instructions on how to build it.

Build your pet a stylish home from a half sheet of plywood. Download my plans for an easy cut layout, and let the sawdust fly! In just a few hours, you cat or dog will thank you for the stylish new digs.

Note: This DIY pet house is sized for a small cat or dog at under two feet wide.

Steps for Building a Dog or Cat House:

Step 1: Layout the cuts

  • To begin, mark the plywood using my diagram in the downloadable plans above.
  • Apply painter’s tape to the plywood, and mark the cut lines with a marker.
  • Covering the cut lines with painter’s tape will reduce chipping during the cuts.

Step 2: Set the saw

Set the bevel on the circular saw to 50-degrees for the first two cuts.

Step 3: Make the cuts

Section the plywood into four pieces using two beveled cuts and one cut at zero-degrees, as noted on the diagram in the downloadable plans above.

Step 4: Cutout the door

  • Using a drill/driver, bore a hole inside the door outline.
  • Place the blade of a jigsaw into the hole, and then cut the outline.

Step 5: Assemble the base

  • Apply wood glue to the front and back edges of the side panels.
  • Position the sides between the front and back panels.
  • Using a nailer, drive 1½-inch nails through the front and back panels and into the edges of the side panels.

Step 6: Attach the roof

  • Apply wood glue to the top edges of the assembled base.
  • Position the roof panels.
  • Drive 1½-inch nails through the roof panels and into the front and back panels.

Step 7: Add the chimney

DIY pet house Jenn Largesse
  • Cut the chimney pieces to size. (Tip: this can be done by marking the lines and cutting the pieces with a circular saw, or using a miter saw set 50-degrees to match the angle of the roofline.)
  • Apply wood glue between the pieces, and then nail them together with 1½-inch nails. Center the chimney on the left roof panel.
  • Outline the chimney on the roof.
  • Apply wood glue to the underside of the chimney.
  • Position the chimney, and then nail through the base of the chimney and into the roof.