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Create a Well-Traveled Home Office

What's a traveling soul to do between adventures? Deck out their home office in seafaring swag, of course. Shop here to get this vintage, nautical-inspired look now

Neat and Nautical

Photo by Tim Young/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

Repurposing and refinishing older pieces of furniture and accessories is a signature of vintage decor. But you don't have to scour flea markets or estate sales to get the look of this handsome home office. We sourced a collection of nautical-themed, vintage-style pieces that will give your space a dose of worldly, lived-in charm, without feeling stuffy or old-fashioned.

Storage Wall

An open-cube, slim-profile bookcase creates a wall of additional storage. Coordinating baskets keep clutter out of sight, allowing prized collectibles to stand out.

About $280.

Desk Design

Featuring an industrial, pipe-fitter-style metal frame and an oak-stained top, this desk is sure to be the focal point of any home office.

About $635.

Retro Rotary

A desktop rotary phone is a classic vintage-style statement piece.

About $95.

The Captain's Chair

A sturdy, comfortable place to sit can make all the difference when it's time to chart your next move. While real leather chairs can sell for upward of $600, this faux version has all the style—at half the price.

About $217.

Revolving Hourglass

Here it's used purely for decoration, but the hourglass was once very popular aboard ships, because the motion of the ship while sailing did not affect its time-telling accuracy.

About $75.

Get Organized

A classic desktop organizer is perfect for storing handheld electronics, as well as a handy stash of pens and notepads.

About $25.

Go Global

An old-world-style globe stationed nearby inspires dreams of travel and adventure.

About $80.

Coordinating Covers

Add a bit of sophistication to the room by displaying a series of beautifully re-bound English novels with matching hardboard covers.

About $115.

Metal and Glass Candle Lantern

Reminiscent of old ship lanterns, this rustic piece adds a touch of charm and an inviting glow.

About $35.

Magazine Holder

For an uncluttered, uniform look, stash magazines and assorted papers in these attractive, mahogany- finish files with neatly printed reference labels.

About $30.

Waste Not…

What better way to track your voyages than a sheaf of rustic maps? Keep them in an attractive hand-spun wastebasket.

About $30.


Armillary spheres from ancient Greece were believed to show how the stars moved around the Earth.

About $55.

Pagoda Clock

Created by master Chinese craftsman, this handcrafted wood clock has a shape reminiscent of a pagoda, and evokes faraway and exotic lands.

About $45.

Ensconce Yourself

A heavy metal, nautical-inspired sconce is a great accessory to tie the room together. Available in a variety of finishes.

About $600.