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7 Best Foundation Repair Companies in Denver (2022)

If you notice uneven floors or cracks in your walls, keep reading to learn about the best options for foundation repair in Denver.

Foundation repair specialist wearing white gloves repairs brick exterior foundation of a home. Adobe

A foundation must distribute the weight of your home and all its contents to the soil beneath, secure the property in its proper place, prevent cracking, keep groundwater outside, and hold up against environmental factors like blizzards, floods, and earthquakes.

Denver has a semi-arid climate, and when this climate is paired with the Mile High City’s snow and rain, it can cause foundation settlement, mold growth, and more. These issues can happen to all types of foundations found throughout Denver, especially basement foundations. A failing foundation and other foundation damage can rob homeowners of their peace of mind.

Fortunately, there are many companies that provide foundation inspections and repair services in Denver. The This Old House Reviews Team has researched and ranked the best foundation experts in Denver and created this guide to help you compare top providers in terms of their service options and average cost. When you’re ready to hire a foundation repair company, get a free quote from companies in your area using the tool below:

Top Foundation Repair Companies in Denver

  1. Best Overall in Denver: Peak Structural
  2. Best Warranties in Denver: Ram Jack
  3. Best for Waterproofing in Denver: Complete Basement Systems
  4. Best for Commercial Services in Denver: Olshan
  5. Best for Concrete Services in Denver: Liftech Corporation
  6. Best for Driveways & Patios in Denver: Denver Foundation Solutions, LLC
  7. Best for Highly Trained Technicians in Denver: Foundation Professionals of Colorado

1. Best Overall in Denver: Peak Structural

Peak Structural was started in 2002 by Paul and Lisa Sutton in a rented garage. The company has grown to be one of the largest foundation repair companies in the Pikes Peak, Colorado region. Peak Structural offers one of the most comprehensive selections of foundation repair and basement waterproofing services in the city. It also features plenty of finance options due to its partnership with GreenSky.

Peak Structural Services & Pricing

Peak Structural provides a wide range of foundation repair services. The company does not feature any pricing online, but you can expect its services to cost around the average price for foundation repairs in Denver, $3,000–$6,500. Read about some of Peak Structural’s service options below:

  • Concrete Lifting & Leveling: Peak Structural provides PolyLift™ service to help lift sinking concrete with an environmentally safe polyurethane mixture. The company also offers traditional mudjacking and pier installation.
  • Foundation Settlement Repair: Based on a detailed assessment from a structural engineer, Peak Structural will provide recommended solutions for your settling foundation. Solutions may include pier installation or mudjacking.
  • Crawl Space Repairs: The company also offers free repair quotes for its crawl space services. Similar to its foundation repair services, Peak Structure will create a custom repair plan for your crawl space with solutions including installation of support jacks and crawl space encapsulation with a vapor barrier.

2. Best Warranties in Denver: Ram Jack

Ram Jack is a nationwide foundation repair company that has a branch in Centennial, Colorado, to provide service in the Denver area. Because Ram Jack is a larger company, it is able to provide substantial warranties on all of its services. The company offers a transferable lifetime warranty that is backed by a warranty trust in addition to its wide range of foundation solutions. Ram Jack also conducts its financing options through EnerBank USA.

Ram Jack Services & Pricing

Ram Jack states that the average cost for pier-and-beam repairs runs from $1,000 to $3,000. Repairs that require piers to focus on a single corner costs between $3,500 to $5,000. Learn about some of Ram Jack’s popular services here:

  • Helical Piles Systems: Denver’s loamy and clay soils cause a variety of foundation repair problems. Ram Jack provides a long-term solution to unstable soils with its helical piles system. This service is better suited for larger homes, as it carries the building load down to bedrock and more stable soil.
  • Timber Pile Support: Ram Jack is one of the few companies on this list that can help provide additional support to any large back porch or structure you have being held up by wooden piers. Most often, the company helps support timber piles by connecting them with brackets and raising them with a hydraulic machine.
  • Wall Tie-Back Services: To fix bowing walls, Ram Jack provides solutions such as helical tie-back anchors and soil nails. These products are similar to helical piers, but they extend horizontally rather than vertically to reach stable soil.

3. Best for Waterproofing in Denver: Complete Basement Systems

Though founded locally in 1999, Complete Basement Systems is now a Groundworks company. This means that the company provides a large customer support network for all its services while still laminating its family-oriented service. Complete Basement Systems provides one of the most comprehensive selections of services geared towards crawl space and basement waterproofing.

Complete Basement Systems Services & Pricing

Complete Basement Systems’ services will most likely range somewhere between $3,000–$6,500. The company also offers custom financing plans through GreenSky. Here are some of Complete Basement Systems service options:

  • Support Beam Jacks: With its IntelliJack® Crawl Space Stabilizers, the company fixes uneven floors and sagging crawl space foundations. These jacks are designed to fit in any crawl space, and they support up to 24,000 pounds per jack.
  • Rigid Plastic Wall Panels: Complete Basement Systems can waterproof unfinished basements with LumaBright™, a 100 percent waterproof rigid plastic paneling.
  • Channel Anchor System: These anchors are connected by a steel rod to a wall plate to provide pressure against the inside of a basement foundation’s wall. Through Groundworks, Complete Basement Systems includes a 25-year warranty on its wall anchors.

4. Best for Commercial Services in Denver: Olshan

Similar to Ram Jack, Olshan is a nationwide foundation repair company. Founded in 1933, Olshan has become familiar with a wide variety of foundation problems and foundation types found in Denver. Olshan provides certified structural technicians and combines their expertise with innovative foundation technologies for its service. The company’s commercial services are particularly impressive, including options like new pier installations.

Free Quote: Get your foundation repair quote from Olshan today

Olshan Services & Pricing

Olshan claims that its average cost for its services ranges from $3,000 to $7,500. The company provides many industry-standard options. Learn about its options here:

  • Foundation Repair: Like other companies on this list, Olshan provides free assessments for its foundation solutions. Olshan offers its Cable Lock™ ST Plus Hybrid Foundation Repair System, a combination of concrete pilings and steel pilings. This allows Olshan to create a deeper, stronger, and more reliable repair.
  • Crawl Space Recovery: Olshan tackles structural, water, and air-quality problems for crawl spaces. Solutions range from structural repair for sagging floors, removing water pools, and installation of moisture-resistant barriers.
  • Commercial Services: Olshan provides one of the widest selections of commercial foundation repair services in Denver. Some popular solutions offered for commercial properties include helical piers, steel piers, commercial concrete pilings, drilled piers, polyurethane injections, and custom engineer-specified designs.

5. Best for Concrete Services in Denver: Liftech Corporation

Liftech Corporation provides foundation repair and concrete leveling services all across the Colorado Front Range. Liftech Corporation is fully licensed and insured for a wide range of foundation and concrete services. The company’s concrete services are especially impressive as it is familiar with a wide range of concrete projects, such as driveways, garage floors, basement floors, porches, patios, walkways, and more.

Liftech Corporation Services & Pricing

You can expect services with Liftech to range from $3,000–$6,500. The company provides custom payment plans through Hearth. Read over some of Liftech Corporation’s service offerings below:

  • Concrete Leveling: Liftech offers a comprehensive selection of concrete leveling selections. The company provides traditional concrete replacement and mudjacking, but it is also PolyLift™ certified if you desire a more eco-friendly option.
  • New Concrete Services: The company offers impressive new concrete services that include 4,000 psi high-compression strength, commercial grade concrete that comes with fiber mesh and sealant. The company can help with the installation of basements, patios, driveways, garage floors, and sidewalks.
  • Crawl Space Conversions: One unique offering is that Liftech can help convert your home’s crawl space into a livable space. The company provides a detailed proposal for the project. This includes the overall cost, additional options for plumbing, utility lines, HVAC systems, egress windows, perimeter drainage systems, and other options for your new space.

6. Best for Driveways & Patios in Denver: Denver Foundation Solutions, LLC

If you are concerned about either repairing or constructing a driveway or patio, we recommend Denver Foundation Solutions. The company’s president, Tony Plescia, has more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in repairing basement foundations, crawl spaces, and bowing walls throughout Denver and the surrounding area. Denver Foundation Solutions has extensive experience in the installation of driveways and patios for both residential and commercial properties.

Denver Foundation Solutions, LLC Services & Pricing

Denver Foundation Solutions, LLC offers industry-standard foundation services, and it states it will work with each customer to create a payment plan. The company’s cost will most likely run around $3,000 to $7,500. Below are some of Denver Foundation Solutions’ popular services:

  • Foundation Repair Solutions: Based on its free, detailed evaluation, Denver Foundation Solutions provides a custom repair plan. Solutions include helical piers, push piers, wall anchors, shoring, and structural posts.
  • Floor Crack Seepage: Hydrostatic pressure buildups underneath your home and causes cracks to form on your basement floors. Denver Foundation Solutions remedies cracking floors through liquid urethane injection, as well as push pier installations.
  • Driveways and Patios: Denver Foundation Solutions helps with both the repair and installation of concrete driveways and patios. Highlights of this service include proper compaction, attention to proper grade for water shed, and the inclusion of rebar, mesh, and road base if needed.

7. Best for Highly Trained Technicians in Denver: Foundation Professionals of Colorado

If receiving highly-skilled results and expert knowledge is your main concern when it comes to your foundation job, we suggest you look into Foundation Professionals of Colorado. The company partners with Earth Contact Products (ECP), which is a large network of foundation repair professionals. This partnership allows the company to offer solutions that it would not be able to design or manufacture on its own. The company’s website also features an easy way to ask any questions you have to a foundation repair expert.

Foundation Professionals of Colorado Services & Pricing

The company provides custom repair plans from a selection of industry-standard offerings. Foundation Professionals of Colorado’s overall cost will be around $3,000–$6,500. Learn about some of the company’s popular services here:

  • Perimeter Drainage Systems: This service has the company install a drainage system around the perimeter of your foundation. This system redirects groundwater from seeping into your foundation to other exterior drainage systems.
  • Structural Engineer Reports: Foundation Professional of Colorado will outsource this task to structural engineers outside of its own firm to provide an objective structural engineer report of your home. This service is ideal for real estate transactions.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: The company will utilize vapor barriers and plastic sheets to block humidity from entering your crawl space and developing mold.

Foundation Repair Terms

Foundation repair can be a confusing and complicated process. There are many terms that you will come across that you are not familiar with from day-to-day home maintenance. Below is a list of common foundation repair terms you might encounter:

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: This refers to the process of sealing off a crawl space from environmental factors. This may be done through vapor barriers, as well as the installation of plastic sheets and insulation.
  • Epoxy and Urethane Injection: This service has a company use polyurethane to fill voids underneath. This is an eco-friendly approach to slabjacking and lifts settling foundations.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test: This is a test that measures pressure vessels such as pipelines, plumbing, gas cylinders, boilers, and fuel tanks for their structural integrity and how likely they may leak.
  • Mudjacking: This is a service that raises concrete by pumping mud or other material under it through drilled holes. It is also often called slabjacking.
  • Piers: Piers are large beams that are installed vertically beneath a home’s foundation. They are most often used when a foundation experiences settlement. They are raised by using a hydraulic machine in order to position a foundation at its proper level. Some types of piers you will come across include push piers, which are used for smaller homes with concrete slab foundations, and helical piers, which are used for large homes or projects and feature a screw-like design.
  • Pilings: These are heavy stakes or posts installed to support the foundations of a superstructure. Piers are a type of piling.
  • Timber Pile Support: This refers to when wooden beams beneath your home receive additional reinforcement. Whether it is through brackets or carbon fiber products, this service sully helps support porches for decks that are experiencing settlement problems.
  • Vapor Barrier: This refers to products used to create a barrier of sealant between your basement or crawl space and the home’s exterior in order to control the amount of moisture entering the foundation.
  • Wall Anchors: This refers to when a steel helical pier fastens to the end of a plate in a bowing wall. They provide lateral support for bowing walls. These are sometimes called wall anchors and soil anchors.

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Our Conclusion

There are many foundation repair companies in Denver and the surrounding area, but each company fulfills a different need. Consider Peak Structural, our foundation repair pick for ‘Best Overall in Denver,’ if you want comprehensive foundation repair solutions. For those who value warranties, we recommend Ram Jack for its warranty offerings.

Our top recommendation is to request an estimate from multiple foundation repair companies to accurately compare each provider’s services and pricing. Get a free quote from foundation repair companies in your area using the tool below:

Our Rating Methodology

This Old House aims to provide objective, well-researched reviews of foundation repair companies through a transparent and detailed methodology. We rate each foundation repair company on a 100-point scale in order to back up our findings and recommendations. Learn more about our rating methodology below:

  • Foundation Repair Services (20 Points): Does the company provide comprehensive foundation repair services from the following options: pier installation, soil nails, leaning chimney repairs, mudjacking, retaining/stabilizing walls, cracked brick or block repairs, new construction piers services, timber pile support, wall anchors, or carbon fiber reinforcement?
  • Basement Waterproofing Services (12 Points): Does the company offer comprehensive basement waterproofing services, such as drainage system installation, sump pumps, basement dehumidifiers, vapor barriers (wall coverings), window wells, or emergency waterproofing services?
  • Crawl Space Services (10 Points): Does the company provide comprehensive crawl space services including crawl space support jacks, crawl space encapsulation, dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, or insulation services?
  • Concrete Services (8 Points): Does the company provide industry-standard concrete services for both slab foundation and concrete structures, such as new construction concrete services, sinking concrete slabs repairs, concrete leveling, or concrete caulking for cracks?
  • Financing Options (18 Points): Does the company offer financing options that include desirable plans such as a reduced interest loan or same-as-cash option? Does it customize the payment plan for each customer?
  • Warranty Options (15 Points): Does the company include or not include a transferable lifetime warranty? Does it only provide a manufacturer’s warranty?
  • Additional Benefits (17 Points): Can customers expect additional benefits or resources from the company, such as commercial services, a blog, online videos, an online gallery, an online customer portal, or eco-friendly options?

Denver Foundation Repair FAQs

What is the average cost of foundation repair in Denver?

We found the average cost of foundation repair services in Denver to range from $3,000–$6,500. Keep in mind that the level of damage, the services required, the need for mudjacking, the overall resale value of the home, and more will influence the overall price you pay.

What are common causes of foundation problems in Denver?

Denver features a lot of loamy and clay-based soils. When these soils soak up water, they can pull away from a home’s foundation when they dry out. This leads to foundation settlement. The soils might also build up hydrostatic pressure, and they can cause leaks into your home’s foundation.

What are signs of foundation issues?

Common signs for foundation problems include cracking or bulging on walls, cracking or tilting in a chimney, uneven gaps on windows and doors, and uneven walls and floors.

What happens if you don’t fix foundation problems?

A variety of things can happen if a foundation is not treated properly. If there are cracks or poor sealing around a pier-and-beam foundation, water can make its way into the crawl space. Mold and mildew can develop and cause the wooden beams in your crawl space to deteriorate.

How much does it cost to repair a concrete foundation in Denver?

We find that concrete slab foundation repairs in Denver tend to cost around $4,000. Your overall cost will differ depending on the level of damage and amount of piers needed.

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