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7 Best Foundation Repair Companies in Atlanta (2022)

Atlanta experiences a variety of foundation issues due to its climate and environment. Learn how you can prevent and fix foundation problems with our guide for foundation repair in Atlanta.

A foundation repair specialist repairing the brick foundation of a home with steel rods. Adobe

A home’s foundation is one of the most important components of its functionality. A strong foundation distributes the weight of a house and all its contents, secures the property in place, prevents cracking, keeps groundwater out, and withstands environmental conditions.

Atlanta experiences a variety of conditions that lead to foundation problems. For example, the city experiences hot and humid summers with wet winters, which causes red clay soil to expand and contract, causing foundation settlement and cracking in your home’s walls. The local fauna and flora may also find their way into your home’s foundation in search of water, leading to leaks, mold, and mildew growth.

If you notice common signs of foundation problems, such as cracking or mold, then you want to find a foundation repair company as soon as possible. The This Old House Reviews Team has researched and developed this guide to help you in your search. This guide will help you accurately compare the average cost of each provider, as well as their services, warranties, and financing options.

Top Foundation Repair Companies in Atlanta

  1. Best Overall in Atlanta: Ram Jack
  2. Best for New Constructions in Atlanta: Engineered Solutions of Georgia
  3. Best Warranties in Atlanta: Foundation Worx
  4. Best for Commercial Services in Atlanta: Olshan
  5. Best for Crawl Spaces in Atlanta: Aquaguard Foundation Solutions
  6. Best for Waterproofing in Atlanta: Acworth Tri-State Waterproofing
  7. Best for Chimney Repairs in Atlanta: Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs

1. Best Overall in Atlanta: Ram Jack

Ram Jack is a nationwide foundation repair company with a branch in Marietta, Georgia, that services the entire Atlanta area. Founded in 1975, the company offers its long history of foundation repair to both residential and commercial customers. Ram Jack offers the most comprehensive selection of foundation repair services we found in Atlanta, and it provides excellent financing solutions with a lifetime transferable warranty.

Ram Jack Services & Pricing

Ram Jack offers a wide range of foundation repair services for all types of foundations. The company says the average cost for its pier services cost around $1,000 to $3,000. If you require pier services for a single corner it can cost between $3,500 to $5,000 due to piers being closer together.

Below are some popular services from Ram Jack:

  • Helical Pier Systems: To combat cracking and uneven floors, Ram Jack offers helical piles (or piers) systems. This service has the company install large, screw-like beams beneath your home to help lift it back to its proper level.
  • Sinkhole Remediation: If a portion of your home is sinking, Ram Jack offers a few solutions for the problem. Solutions may include compaction grouting and void filling.
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifiers: Ram Jack can combat the growth of mold and mildew in your crawl space through its crawl space dehumidifiers. This service also improves overall indoor air quality for you and your family.

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2. Best for New Constructions in Atlanta: Engineered Solutions of Georgia

Engineered Solutions of Georgia (ESG) has provided foundation repair and other specialty construction services to homes and businesses throughout Fulton County and Cobb County since 2006. Whether you are addressing current damage to your Atlanta home’s foundation or looking to build a new foundation from the ground up, ESG provides a wide range of services with flexible payment plans. We find the company to be an excellent choice for any new pier or concrete projects.

Engineered Solutions of Georgia Services & Pricing

ESG offers a comprehensive selection of foundation repair methods and solutions. Similar to other foundation repair companies, the company customizes each job based on detailed evaluations. ESG states that the average customer pays $4,000 to $5,000 for their services, as long as the damage is not too severe. Check out some of the company’s service here:

  • Foundation Crack Repair: If you notice cracking anywhere on your home’s walls, ESG provides a free inspection to discover its cause, as well as a free estimate and recommendations for next steps. Solutions can range from pier installation to simple sand or cement injections.
  • Carbon Fiber Support System: A popular alternative to wall anchors for bowing walls, a carbon fiber support system can be installed quickly and with little to no disruption. ESG’s carbon fiber systems support up to 234,700 pounds per square inch, which is five times stronger than steel.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: ESG provides crawl space encapsulation, which leads to a variety of benefits such as lower energy bills, the elimination of musty odors, reduction of moisture and humidity, pest control, and better air quality.

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3. Best Warranties in Atlanta: Foundation Worx

Based in Norcross, Georgia, Foundation Worx was founded in 2012 to provide affordable and effective foundation repair services. The company provides a detailed walkthrough for all of its jobs. In addition, it offers online resources, such as its blog, to help customers educate themselves on their foundation issues.

Foundation Worx offers excellent warranties for its residential services, including a Life of the Structure warranty for its underpinning and tieback lines. It also provides a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty on all its other services, which is higher than the industry-standard of 25 years.

Foundation Worx Services & Pricing

Foundation Worx provides industry-standard foundation and crawl space repair services. The company states that the average cost for most jobs is $3,000. Read over some of Foundation Worx’s popular services and their average cost below:

  • Helical Piers ($1,400–1,600): Foundation Worx provides custom helical pier services with an average of 21-foot depth. This service is most often used to combat foundation settlement.
  • Resistance Piers ($1,400–1,600): Resistance piers are also often used to combat settlement. These piers are placed into position 28-feet-deep using a pile driver.
  • Helical Tiebacks ($1,300–1,500): Though the cost depends on access and length of each tieback, these act as an effective solution for bowing basement walls.

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4. Best for Commercial Services in Atlanta: Olshan

Founded in 1933, Olshan has provided foundation repair services across the southeastern United States. Though it is large, Olshan’s branches focus on the root causes of foundation issues in their service areas, such as the red clay soil and wet weather pattern found in Atlanta. The company also provides one of the largest selection of service options with easy financing for both homeowners and business owners. Olshan’s large customer service network makes it ideal for commercial properties.

Olshan Services & Pricing

Olshan offers a wide variety of foundation repair services. It also offers custom payment plans for its service. Olshan states that its foundation services on average range between $3,000 and $7,500, but we calculated on the company’s website that a 10-foot basement wall repair worth for an Atlanta house with two doors would be $9,713.

Learn about some of Olshan’s services here:

  • Foundation Repair: Olshan provides free assessments to create custom repair plans. Olshan offers its exclusive Cable Lock™ ST Plus Hybrid Foundation Repair System for many foundation settlement jobs. This system uses steel piers that are then reinforced by a layer of concrete. This creates a deeper, stronger and more reliable repair.
  • Exterior Water Management: If you experience standing water outside your home, Olshan offers its Olshan Drainage System. This system can remove excess water, improve foundation performance, and prevent cracks.
  • PolyLift™: A popular solution to concrete cracking and settlement, this is a long-lasting, environmentally safe polyurethane mixture that is pumped beneath the structure that needs to be leveled.

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5. Best for Crawl Spaces in Atlanta: AquaGuard Foundation Solutions

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is a local foundation repair that is backed by Groundworks. This relationship allows customers to work with skilled structural engineers and receive reliable foundation repair products. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions offers the most comprehensive crawl space services we found in Atlanta.

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions Services & Pricing

AquaGuard offers services for all types of foundations found throughout Atlanta and North Georgia. The company does not share much cost data online, but it does offer a price assurance guarantee that states if you receive a lower-priced proposal for the same scope of work and materials, then AquaGuard will beat that price by $100. The company also offers financing options through EnerBank USA.

Learn about some of AquaGuard Foundation Solutions’ service options below:

  • Vapor Barrier: With its WallSeal™ vapor barrier, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions helps your home’s basement or crawl space combat mold growth, pest infestations, high utility bills, and structural damage.
  • AquaGuard Gutter Protection System: A gutter guard prevents unwanted debris, such as leaves and pine needles, from clogging your gutters and creating leaks. AquaGuard’s patented covered gutter protection system has no vertical openings, which is ideal for Georgia’s pine and oak leaves, which often find their way through other gutter guard systems. This solution works great for exterior wall and fascia damage, basement leaks, and insulation damage.
  • Intellijack® Support System: This service has AquaGuard Foundation Solutions lift your crawl space and remedy uneven floors by installing these crawl space support jacks on pre-existing crawl space supports.

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6. Best for Waterproofing in Atlanta: Acworth Tri-State Waterproofing

Acworth Tri-State Waterproofing has provided excellent waterproofing and foundation repair services for thousands of homeowners across Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas for more than 20 years. As its name suggests, Acworth Tri-State Waterproofing offers some of the most comprehensive waterproofing options for both existing homes and new construction in Atlanta.

Acworth Tri-State Waterproofing Services & Pricing

Acworth Tri-State Waterproofing offers industry-standard foundation repair services with a focus on crawl space encapsulation and waterproofing. The company does not share sample pricing online, but you can expect to pay somewhere between $3,500 to $6,000 for a decent-sized foundation and/or waterproofing job. Acworth offers a range of warranties on its services and products, and it also provides comprehensive financing options through Artis.

Read over some of the company’s offerings below:

  • Basement Waterproofing: Acworth Tri-State provides custom basement waterproofing plans based on in-depth assessments. The company can assist with a variety of issues, such as failed footer drains or blocked French drains, standing water, hydrostatic pressure, and high water table (when the groundwater is high).
  • Water Management: Sometimes your gutters and landscaping cause damage to your foundation. Acworth can help combat leaks caused by these sources by installation of downspout extensions, driveway grates, and yard pumps.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: If you are experiencing mold, mildew, pests, or water leaks in your crawl space, Acworth Tri-State provides crawl space encapsulation services to combat these issues, as well as improve indoor air quality.

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7. Best for Chimney Repairs in Atlanta: Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs

Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs understands Atlanta’s foundation needs, focusing on the latest in foundation repair technology while maintaining reputable business practices it has upheld since 1930.

Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs Services & Pricing

Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs offers impressive chimney services with inspections focused specifically on leaning or damaged chimneys. While the company offers comprehensive foundation repair and leveling services, it is lacking in terms of waterproofing services.

Anglin’s Foundation & Mason Repairs also has a price-matching protection guarantee—if another contractor offers to complete the same job for a lower price, Anglin will complete the job for 10 percent less.

Here are some of the company’s options for repair:

  • Chimney Repairs: The company offers extensive repairs for chimneys that are cracked, leaning, or tilting. Anglin also provides inspections focused on chimney repairs, which is a great service if you require an inspection for a real estate transaction.
  • Concrete Slab Repairs: The company offers custom service plans based on its injections for concrete slab repairs. Some solutions may include mudjacking or pier support.
  • Masonry Repair: Anglin is a great choice if you have brickwork. The company’s years of experience with masonry means it can tackle almost any problem you have with cracks or damage to your brickwork.

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Foundation Repair Terms

Foundation repair can be a confusing and complicated process. There are many terms that you will come across that you are not familiar with from day-to-day home maintenance. Below is a list of common terms you may encounter:

  • Carbon Fiber Support System: Carbon fiber strips or fixtures installed to support bowing walls and stabilize retaining walls
  • Compaction Grouting: This process involves the injection of mortar grout to stabilize subsurface voids, such as sinkholes.
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifiers: These devices work to reduce humidity in a crawl space. They also help maintain an optimal level of moisture, which helps combat mold and mildew.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: This refers to the process of sealing off a crawl space from environmental factors. This may be done through vapor barriers, as well as the installation of plastic sheets and insulation.
  • Downspout Extensions: This refers to when a company installs extensions on your gutters’ downspouts to allow water to travel farther away from your foundation.
  • Epoxy and Urethane Injection: Polyurethane is used to fill voids underneath. This is an eco-friendly approach to slabjacking and lifts settling foundations.
  • Gutter Guard: This product helps keep debris, such as leaves and pine needles, out of your gutters in order to avoid clogs causing leaks into your home or your foundation.
  • Helical Tiebacks: This is a type of wall anchor that uses a helical-styled beam attached to a plate in order to fix bowing walls.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test: This is a test that measures pressure vessels such as pipelines, plumbing, gas cylinders, boilers, and fuel tanks for their structural integrity and how likely they are to leak.
  • Interior Drains: This term can refer to a wide variety of drains that are installed inside your home, but it typically refers to floor drains that contain a channel-shaped body. They often connect to a utility line. One example would be footing drains, which connect to your home’s perimeter to drain water away from the foundation’s footing.
  • Mudjacking: This is a service that raises concrete by pumping mud or other material under it through drilled holes. It is also often called slabjacking.
  • Piers: Piers are large beams that are installed vertically beneath a home’s foundation. They are most often used when a foundation experiences settlement. They are raised by using a hydraulic machine in order to position a foundation at its proper level. Some types of piers you will come across include push piers, which are used for smaller homes with concrete slab foundations, and helical piers, which are used for large homes or projects and feature a screw-like design.
  • Pilings: These are heavy stakes or posts installed to support the foundations of a superstructure. Piers are a type of piling.
  • Sand (or Cement) Injections: This service is similar to mudjacking, in that it uses a slurry of sand and other materials to lift a sinking slab.
  • Slab Foundation: This is a type of foundation that consists of 4”–6” thick concrete that the home rests on, and it does not include a crawl space or basement. The concrete slab is often placed on a layer of sand for drainage and to act as a cushion.
  • Sump Pump: This refers to a device installed in a home’s crawl space or basement to collect water. They work to redirect the standing water from leaks to an exterior drainage system.
  • Underpinning: This term refers to when a solid foundation is laid to support or strengthen a home’s foundation using piers.
  • Vapor Barrier: This refers to products used to create a barrier of sealant between your basement or crawl space and the home’s exterior in order to control the amount of moisture entering the foundation.
  • Void Filling: This service refers to whenever materials are used to fill a subsurface void. Mudjacking is a form of void filling.
  • Yard Pumps: This device helps pump standing water to a more ideal location. They help route rain water to a low point in your yard and it can help water flow away from the home’s foundation.

Our Conclusion

There are plenty of options for reputable foundation repair services in Atlanta. We recommend Ram Jack as ‘Best Overall in Atlanta’ due to its comprehensive service options and excellent payment plans. If you’re looking to have a professional handle a new construction project—whether it’s a foundation or a new porch—we suggest you look into Engineered Solutions of Georgia.

Ultimately, we recommend getting a quote from each provider you’re considering before committing to one of them. You may also receive multiple structural engineer reports from each company to determine who offers the most competitive pricing for your job.

Our Rating Methodology

This Old House aims to provide objective, well-researched reviews of foundation repair companies through a transparent and detailed methodology. We rate each foundation repair company on a 100-point scale in order to back up our findings and recommendations. Learn more about our rating methodology below:

  • Foundation Repair Services (20 Points): Does the company provide comprehensive foundation repair services from the following options: pier installation, soil nails, leaning chimney repairs, mudjacking, retaining/stabilizing walls, cracked brick or block repairs, new construction piers services, timber pile support, wall anchors, or carbon fiber reinforcement?
  • Basement Waterproofing Services (12 Points): Does the company offer comprehensive basement waterproofing services, such as drainage system installation, sump pumps, basement dehumidifiers, vapor barriers (wall coverings), window wells, or emergency waterproofing services?
  • Crawl Space Services (10 Points): Does the company provide comprehensive crawl space services including crawl space support jacks, crawl space encapsulation, dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, or insulation services?
  • Concrete Services (8 Points): Does the company provide industry-standard concrete services for both slab foundation and concrete structures, such as new construction concrete services, sinking concrete slabs repairs, concrete leveling, or concrete caulking for cracks?
  • Financing Options (18 Points): Does the company offer financing options that include desirable plans such as a reduced interest loan or same-as-cash option? Does it customize the payment plan for each customer?
  • Warranty Options (15 Points): Does the company include or not include a transferable lifetime warranty? Does it only provide a manufacturer’s warranty?
  • Additional Benefits (17 Points): Can customers expect additional benefits or resources from the company, such as commercial services, a blog, online videos, an online gallery, an online customer portal, or eco-friendly options?

Atlanta Foundation Repair FAQs

What is the average cost of foundation repair in Atlanta?

The overall cost of foundation repair depends on a variety of factors, such as the amount of foundation damage to repair, services and material required for the repair, how long an evaluation takes, and the resale value of the home. You should expect your foundation repair in Atlanta to cost around $3,500 to $6,000, though it may be more or less depending on the factors above.

What are some common causes of foundation issues in Atlanta?

Atlanta’s red clay soil causes unstable foundation when paired with the city’s wet weather patterns. As the soil soaks and dries it may pull away from your foundation causing shifting to occur.

What are some common signs of foundation problems?

If you notice cracks in drywall, brick, or concrete, then there may be an issue with the foundation below. Other indicators include uneven floors, doors or windows pulling away from their frames, and the development of mold and mildew.

Can you live in a house while the foundation is being repaired?

Most often you can still live in your house as it undergoes foundation repairs. The greatest disturbance you may run into are noises caused by machinery used to lift piers.

How long does a foundation repair last?

Some services, such as epoxy lifting can last for around five years or so. Other services, such as carbon fiber support systems, may last up to a decade.

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