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Michael & Son Review

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Author Image Written by Brenda Woods Updated 02/02/2024

Being a homeowner requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. To keep your home running smoothly, you need to keep an eye on the major household systems you rely on, like your HVAC and plumbing. Air quality is key to a healthy home, and your plumbing breaking down can be a major inconvenience. It’s key that you find the best HVAC and plumbing service for you—a company with reasonable prices, a wide range of services, and a strong reputation.

Unfortunately, companies can vary in terms of quality and the types of service they offer, so identifying the right one can be difficult. The This Old House Reviews Team has created this in-depth Michael & Son review, specifically examining the company’s HVAC and plumbing services, to help you determine if it’s best fit.

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According to the company’s website, founder Mousa “Mike” Mansour and his wife, Siham “Suzi” Mansour, moved to the U.S. in 1967. After initially working as a union electrician, Mike founded Michael & Son in 1976. Today, Michael & Son specializes in a multitude of home services, including electrical, heating and cooling, and plumbing.

Pros & Cons

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Michael & Son.


Extensive range of HVAC and plumbing services

Few details on repair services

Home Care Program

Limited service area of three states

North American Technician Excellence-certified technicians

Additional services like remodeling, restoration, and disinfection


Michael & Son is available in select cities in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.


  • Alexandria
  • Charlottesville
  • Fredericksburg
  • Norfolk
  • Richmond


  • Baltimore
  • Frederick
  • Hyattsville

North Carolina

  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh

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Michael & Son offers a variety of services, including cooling and heating repairs and installation, plumbing, electrical, air quality, remodeling, restoration, and disinfection. In this review, we focused on HVAC and plumbing services.

Every service involves four simple steps:

  1. Schedule your repair: Either use the online scheduler or call Michael & Son directly.
  2. Meet your technician: The day before your appointment, the company will call to confirm your time and send an email detailing your technician’s photo, bio, relevant trade licenses, and a fun fact about them.
  3. Get your system working again: Your technician will handle 99% of all repair jobs, according to Michael & Son, wearing protective shoes and laying out spotless drop covers to keep your home clean.
  4. Let them know how they did: Michael & Son will request feedback and will try to make it right if you are unsatisfied with your service.

Cooling Services

Michael & Son’s technicians offer a selection of central AC services and ductless AC services.

  • Central AC repairs
  • Central AC installs
  • Central AC tune-ups
  • Ductless AC installs
  • Ductless AC repairs

Heating Services

The technicians at Michael & Son offer different types of furnace services and heat pump services:

  • Furnace repairs
  • Furnace installs
  • Furnace tune-ups
  • Heat pump repairs
  • Heat pump installs
  • Heat pump check-ups

Air Quality Services

The company offers traditional ductwork cleaning in addition to specialty air purification services:

  • Duct cleaning
  • UV/Air purification

Plumbing Services

Michael & Son’s list of plumbing services is extensive, ranging from water heater services to kitchen and bathroom fixture services, water filtration services, gas line services, and more:

  • Water heater repairs
  • Water heater installs
  • Water heater flush and maintenance
  • Toilet repairs and installs
  • Bathtub installation
  • Shower repairs and installs
  • Faucet repairs and installs
  • Sink repairs and installs
  • Garbage disposal repairs and installs
  • Water softener and filtration system installs
  • Gas line repairs
  • Gas line installs
  • Septic system repairs
  • Septic system installs
  • Sump pump repairs
  • Sump pump installs
  • Drain clearing and cleaning
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Sewer line repairs
  • Main water line repairs
  • Main water line replacements
  • Well pumps
  • Waterproofing

Michael & Son offers different programs for certain services, like the Home Care Program. This maintenance program increases your home’s efficiency, saves on energy costs, includes system tune-ups for your entire home, 24/7 emergency service, and discounts on service and repairs.

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How Much Does Michael & Son Cost?

Michael & Son is very explicit with the costs of each service on its website, including any discounts.

Cooling Costs

You can find the cost breakdown for cooling services below.


Central AC repairs

$59 and up

Central AC installs

$4,200 and up

Central AC tune-ups

$49 and up

Ductless AC installs

$10,000 and up

Ductless AC repairs

$59 and up

Heating Costs

Here is a breakdown of Michael & Son’s heating services costs.


Furnace repairs

$59 and up

Furnace installs


Furnace tune-ups


Heat pump repairs

$59 and up

Heat pump installs

$5,000 and up

Heat pump check-ups


Air Quality Services Costs

Michael & Son’s air quality service costs are below.


Duct cleaning

$389 and up

UV/air purification

$1,200 and up

Plumbing Costs

Plumbing service costs can be found below, except for waterproofing, which isn’t listed on the website.


Water heater repairs

$212 and up

Water heater installs

$1,800 (tank) – $6500 (tankless)

Water heater flush and maintenance

$150 and up

Toilet repairs and installs

$200 (repairs), $500 (installs)

Bathtub installation

$875 and up

Shower repairs and installs

$250 (repairs), $875 (installs)

Faucet repairs and installs

$200 (repairs), $290 (installs)

Sink repairs and installs

$125 (repairs), $300 (installs)

Garbage disposal repairs and installs

$450 and up

Water softener and filtration system installs

$200 and up

Gas line repairs

$300 and up

Gas line installs

$800 and up

Septic system repairs

$500 and up

Septic system installs

$4,000 and up

Sump pump repairs

$289 and up

Sump pump installs

$700 and up

Drain clearing and cleaning

$99 and up

Hydro jetting

$700 and up

Sewer line repairs

$2,000 and up

Main water line repairs

$3,800 and up

Main water line replacements

$2,000 and up

Well pumps

$3,000 and up


Not specified

Customer Reviews

Michael & Son has multiple Better Business Bureau (BBB) profiles, including a headquarters page and pages devoted to individual branches. The headquarters page is not accredited and does not have a rating for the company. However, Michael & Son holds an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars from customers.

Here is a sample of Michael & Son reviews on the Better Business Bureau.

Wesley A. said:

“Completely satisfied—technician was prompt, professional and thorough on this occasion. Answered all questions and addressed any issues brought to his attention.”

Christian P. said:

“M&S is not interested in doing what a plumbing company is supposed to do. They will rather sell you maintenance plans and appliances insurance. What should have been a $50 fix turned into a $2K estimate and a massive appliance/utilities insurance policy. Luckily my spouse saw the pitch a mile away and showed the guy the front door. We went to Lowes, got the parts and fixed it ourselves.”

We also received a note from a reader on their experience with Michael & Son:

We have been without heat for over a month due to Michael & Son. Regretfully, we chose Michael & Son to install a new HVAC system to replace our 20+ year old one. After installation, our system did not work correctly, and multiple techs could not solve the issue. After wasting time with techs who had no solutions, one tech told us we needed a new thermostat even though our Nest thermostat worked perfectly with our old system. They wired in a new Ecobee thermostat, which worked temporarily until it overheated…we just want Michael & Son to send a competent tech who can fix the issue they created so that we can have heat.”

Our Conclusion

We believe Michael & Son is a good choice for your HVAC and plumbing service needs if you live in one of the three states the company services. The company offers an extensive range of services, transparent costs and regular discounts, maintenance program options, and North American Technician Excellence-certified technicians. However, the specific services aren’t broken down on the website with details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do HVAC systems need to be serviced?

It is good practice to have your HVAC systems serviced once per year. Without regular maintenance, your HVAC can recycle allergens that lead to poor air quality, raise your electricity bill, and potentially lead to costly repairs.

How much does it cost to service an HVAC?

It typically costs between $100 and $150 to service an HVAC, according to Howell. However, there are many factors that contribute to how much you will be charged, including the type, age, and size of your system, as well as the time of year.

What are the most common plumbing issues?

The most common plumbing issues include leaky pipes, dripping faucets, running and clogged toilets, faulty water heaters, jammed garbage disposals, and sewer system backups.

Does Michael & Son do plumbing?

Yes, Michael & Son offers a wide variety of plumbing services, including repairs, maintenance, and installations of water heaters and more.

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