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What Is the Cost of a Furnace Blower Motor? (2024 Guide)

Typical Cost Range: $70 – $1,000

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Author Image Written by Brenda Woods Updated 03/22/2024

Your furnace’s blower motor distributes heated air throughout your home. If the blower motor fails, your house will remain cold while the furnace itself overheats, potentially damaging the whole system. Replacing a blower motor is much cheaper than installing a new furnace: the average cost of a new furnace blower motor typically ranges from $70–$1,000 before installation. We at the This Old House Reviews Team break down costs, considerations, and money-saving tips for replacing your furnace blower motor.

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Typical Price Range: $200 – $900
HVAC units next to a home
HVAC Installation

Installation costs for common air conditioning units range from $500–$2,500.

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HVAC Repair

Depending on the repair, the typical cost ranges from $100–$2,000.

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Furnace Installation

Installing an electric furnace will typically cost $1,600–$9,700.


How Much Does Furnace Blower Motor Replacement Cost?

A residential furnace blower motor can cost anywhere from $70–$1,000 before installation. With labor, you’ll add $200–$400 to your total project cost. Here are the main factors when it comes to fan motor repair costs.

  • Horsepower: The more powerful the motor, the more it will cost.
  • Parts: If only certain parts of the motor are broken, you may be able to replace them individually.
  • Labor cost: Even if your furnace is still under warranty, you’ll have to pay a motor installation cost.
  • Brand: Though not a huge variation, some brands are pricier than others. 

Cost by Motor Horsepower

Motor strength is measured in horsepower. Most residential furnaces only need a motor of between one-fourth and one-half horsepower, but larger homes may need up to 1 horsepower. In general, the more powerful the motor, the more it costs.

Motor HorsepowerUnit Cost










Cost of Parts

Your blower motor can sometimes be repaired by replacing some of its internal components rather than buying an entirely new one. These components vary widely in cost.








ECM motor control module


ECM repair kit










Blower wheel (aka “squirrel cage”)


Labor Costs

In addition to buying a new blower motor or furnace parts, you’ll also pay an HVAC professional to replace them. HVAC repair contractors typically charge $75–$150 per hour, and sometimes a flat service fee for the visit. You can expect to pay $200–$400 in labor for blower motor repair and replacement. The process usually takes two to three hours and involves the technician inspecting the system, diagnosing the problem, removing the old motor, installing the new one, and testing the system.

Cost by Brand

Some furnace parts brands are more high-end than others, so the cost of your blower motor will partly depend on which you choose. Make sure that choosing a brand different than the furnace maker’s won’t void its warranty.


American Standard/Trane














What Are Additional Furnace Blower Cost Considerations?

The following factors also determine HVAC blower motor replacement costs.

System Accessibility

Motor Types

Warranty Coverage

Since many HVAC technicians charge an hourly rate, if your furnace or its blower motor is difficult to access, the job will take longer and thus cost more. Even if just one motor part needs replacement, the total cost will still be dependent on how long it takes to disassemble the motor to replace said part. If the furnace is located in a difficult-to-access place, like a narrow crawl space, there may be an extra fee.
A furnace or AC blower motor is designed to run at one or multiple speeds. Single-speed motors are the least expensive at $100–$500, but because they can’t toggle to lower speeds, they’re also the noisiest and least efficient. Two-stage or multi-speed motors can run at two to four different speeds, reducing noise and inefficiency, and typically range from $120–$700. Variable-speed blower motors can maintain the required airflow at the lowest possible speed, making them the most energy-efficient. These units are also the most expensive at $300–$1,100.
Blower motors may also be an ECM (electronically commutated motor) or PSC (permanent split capacitor) motors. PSC motors are an older style that cost less to install but more to operate, typically ranging from $300–$1,100. ECMs are the new standard as of 2019. They cost more to install at $600–$1,500, but are more efficient and less costly to run.
If your new furnace or air conditioner is still under warranty, you may not have to cover the material costs of HVAC services. Most HVAC warranties cover blower motors and their parts, so you’ll only be responsible for labor costs (usually $200-$400). Note that if the unit is still under warranty, attempting to do this job yourself might void that warranty.

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Should You DIY vs. Professional Furnace Blower Motor Replacement?

Homeowners might be tempted to save on installation costs by installing new blower motors themselves, but this usually isn’t a do-it-yourself (DIY) job.

Professional Blower Motor Replacement

Hiring an HVAC company comes with extra labor costs, but HVAC technicians are trained, licensed professionals who have experience with many types of blower motors and HVAC units. They’ll be able to get the job done efficiently and correctly, and will identify whether the whole motor needs replacing or if updating some of the internal components is a better option. Most HVAC pros also offer warranties or guarantees on their work.

DIY Blower Motor Replacement

If you have substantial knowledge of HVAC systems’ inner workings, you might be able to change the blower motor yourself. However, there are some risks to this approach. For example, if your blower motor died because of a larger system issue, fixing the motor may not address the root problem. Furnaces and other HVAC systems are expensive, and you don’t want to shorten the lifespan of the system with improper repairs. Focus on other, more DIY-friendly home improvement jobs instead.

How To Save Money on Blower Motor Replacement

Even if you opt for professional installation, you can still save on the total project cost with the following tips.
Keep up with general furnace maintenance, such as annual cleaning and filter changes. This will keep all furnace parts, such as the blower motor, usable for their full lifespan.
Check your warranty to see if the blower motor is covered.
If not covered under warranty, opt for lower-cost brands of similar quality.
Don’t wait until the weather gets cold to test your furnace. Contractors are busier and more costly during winter, so try to schedule your installation before then. 
Clear a pathway to and around the furnace so the technician can access it quickly and easily.
Look for rebates on energy-efficient blower motors.
When possible, balance the upfront installation cost with long-term operating costs. In the long run, the savings from a more energy-efficient blower motor may end up costing less than the installation.

Our Conclusion

We recommend hiring a professional furnace repair technician to replace your blower motor. Although you’ll pay more in labor, the integrity of your furnace or air conditioner will be protected. We recommend getting quotes from at least three local HVAC companies before making your choice. Be wary of anyone who charges much more or much less than the competition, and check out review sites like Better Business Bureau to get a sense of their reputation.

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Typical Price Range: $200 – $900

FAQ About Furnace Blower Motor Replacement

How long does a blower motor last?

Your furnace’s blower motor should last 10–20 years, about as long as the furnace itself. Proper maintenance will help ensure that both the blower motor and furnace last as long as possible.

What does a furnace blower motor do?

A forced-air furnace heats air by burning fuel like natural gas or heating oil. The furnace’s blower motor powers the fan that pushes this heated air through a home’s ductwork, distributing it throughout the house.

How do I know if my furnace blower is bad?

Here are some signs that your furnace blower motor has failed.

  1. Airflow from the vents is weak or nonexistent.
  2. The furnace makes rattling, squealing, or screeching noises.
  3. The furnace begins to overheat and you smell a burning odor.
  4. Your system shuts down frequently, leading to higher energy bills.

What is the cost of a furnace blower motor?

A furnace blower motor costs $70–$2,000. With professional installation, the total cost will likely be $270–$2,400. 

What’s the difference between an AC and a furnace blower motor?

Blower motors fulfill the same function in both air conditioners and furnaces: moving treated air through ductwork. Both are located indoors—in an AC’s air handler or a furnace’s heat exchanger—and both ensure that heating or cooling can happen throughout the house. If your furnace and AC are combined in a packaged unit, the same blower motor will work for both. Air conditioners also have a separate condenser fan motor to cool the evaporator coils off.

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