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What Are Seamless Gutters? (2024 Guide)

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Seamless gutters are single-piece, custom-fit gutters that lack the sectional joints of traditional gutters. They last longer and are more expensive than traditional gutters.

Author Icon Written by Mike Miller + 1 other Reviewer Icon Reviewed by: Mark Howey Updated 04/19/2024

Seamless gutters are a type of gutter that professionals fabricate and install on-site to match the specifications of your home. This type of gutter consists of one continuous piece of material which comes in a roll and is passed through a machine on-site to be made as long as necessary. As a result, they are completely seamless except at the inside and outside corners, as well as at end points. Fewer joints make them less prone to leaks and clogs, and the smooth finish provides better curb appeal.

Homeowners who choose seamless gutters will pay more upfront than they would for sectional gutters. However, they get a more reliable product that can last for decades. Below, we compare seamless gutters to sectional gutters and explain why seamless gutters might be the best gutters for your home.

Seamless Gutters vs. Sectional Gutters

Below is a breakdown of how seamless and sectional gutters differ.

Seamless Gutters

Sectional Gutters

Installers produce seamless gutters on-site from a roll of material formed and cut to exact measurements. The machine used is a roll-form machine, each of which is unique to the material, size, and shape of each gutter.  One machine produces 5-inch K-style aluminum gutters while another produces 4-inch round copper gutters. The machines generally cost $7,000–25,000, making them a large investment for gutter installers.
Seamless gutters require less maintenance than regular gutters, especially if equipped with high-quality gutter guards. Because they have fewer parts, there is less potential for leaks. Seamless gutters may perform better and last much longer than their sectional counterparts.
Contrary to seamless gutters, manufacturers pre-cut sectional gutters into parts of different lengths, generally from 10 to 24 feet. Installers must join and seal these sections on-site. Unlike seamless gutters, you can install sectional gutters yourself. You can find short precut gutters in most home improvement stores while longer lengths can be purchased at lumberyards and plumbing supply stores.
The sealant the installer applies to the seams of sectional gutters must be reapplied every few years. Leaks and clogs may develop at the seams if the sealant separates from a certain section. Experts from companies such as HomeCraft Gutter Protection and LeafFilter recommend cleaning all gutters at least twice per year—once in the fall and once in the spring. You may need to clean them more often if your yard has many trees.

How Much Do Seamless Gutters Cost?

Seamless gutters cost between $1,400 to more than $7,500. Aluminum is the most common material for seamless gutters and costs $14–$20 per linear foot to install. Review the following table for a price breakdown based on the linear feet of your system.

Linear Feet of GutteringInstallation Cost for Aluminum Seamless Gutters

Multiple factors affect the cost of seamless gutter installation. Below, we’ll cover the main factors and how each impacts the price of your seamless gutter installation.


Gutter Style and Size

Add-Ons and Gutter Guards

Aluminum is the most common material for seamless gutters. It’s lightweight, weather-resistant, and a great all-purpose gutter material. Zinc and copper are the most expensive and durable materials but are rarely available for seamless installations. Steel gutters are the heaviest but the best for wind resistance. The following table shows the price of installing seamless gutters based on material.

Gutter MaterialCost per Linear Foot*
Galvanized steel$12–$20
*Price ranges in this article are based on various cost reports, including homeowner projects aggregated by HomeAdvisor and Fixr.

Check the warranty on whatever gutters you choose. Many companies offer a 20-year or even lifetime warranty on materials.

Material, total length of guttering, and style all affect the cost of your gutters. Gutters come in many designs, from standard K-style to half-round and box gutters. Each of these styles has corresponding sizes, which affect the cost of your gutters. The most common seamless gutter styles include the following: 

  • K-style (ogee)
  • Half-round
  • Fascia
  • Box

Any upgrades to your gutter system will increase the overall cost of your gutter project. For example, installing gutter guards costs between $800 and $1,800 on average. The price depends on the type of gutter covers you choose and the total linear feet of guttering. LeafFilter is our pick for the best gutter guard system. We surveyed 129 LeafFilter customers and found that it costs an average of $4,150 for 150 linear feet of LeafFilter gutter guards. Other potential upgrades include screens for downspout drops, splash guards, and heat tape.

Pros and Cons of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters offer durability and promote cleaner gutters, but this quality comes at a cost and requires professional installation. Review the pros and cons below.

Potential for fewer clogs and leaks
May require less frequent cleaning
Resist sagging or pulling away from home
Require professional installation
Can’t be repaired as easily as sectional gutters

The most common material for seamless gutters is aluminum. It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use material that’s weather-resistant. It’s one of the most popular and affordable options for guttering in the United States. However, other materials can be used to make seamless gutters. Less common seamless gutter materials include the following:

Galvanized steel or steel

Steel seamless gutters are heavier, more durable, and pricier than aluminum. They’re effective for homes in windy areas but aren’t suited for seaside climates.


Copper is a high-end, luxury material. It can last up to 50 years, is highly weather resistant, and is aesthetically pleasing. These gutters require the most upkeep and cost but pair well with historic homes.


Zinc shares many of the attributes of copper but is more durable and slightly more expensive. Its patina turns into a gorgeous shade of silver, and zinc is a popular choice for high-end homes.

Who Are Seamless Gutters Right For?

Seamless gutters are right for homeowners who don’t mind investing in the long-term health of their home structures and systems. Seamless gutters are an all-around upgrade to traditional sectional gutter systems. They perform better, last longer, have fewer structural weaknesses, and pair well with add-ons such as gutter guards. However, these benefits come with a significant price increase. Seamless gutters can be 1.5 to 2 times more expensive than traditional gutters.

Star Rating Product Image Gutter Guard Type Average Cost Link
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What’s Our Take on Seamless Gutters?

We believe seamless gutters are worth investing in if you’re looking for a longer-lasting, more durable gutter system. They provide a reliable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing gutter system that can benefit nearly any homeowner. The average cost to install seamless gutters is around $2,100, and you can expect them to last at least 20 years. Copper gutters can last 50 years or more.

Although you’ll pay more upfront for a seamless gutter system, you may save money in the long run. For instance, you could only need to pay for gutter cleaning services every one to two years instead of every six months. You may also save money on gutter repair since seamless gutters are less likely to sag, leak, or clog. For the best value, choose a gutter company with years of experience and a generous warranty.

FAQ About Seamless Gutters

Are seamless gutters worth it?

Yes, seamless gutters are worth it. Although seamless gutters may cost more than sectional gutters, they are also more reliable and have greater longevity. Lower maintenance costs and a longer product life span typically offset the higher up-front cost.

How much does it cost to put gutters on a 2,000-square-foot home?

The cost to put gutters on a 2,000-square-foot home varies but can range from nearly $1,000 to more than $6,000 (assuming 200 linear feet of gutters), according to Fixr.com. Your cost may be higher or lower depending on the style of your home, the type of gutters, and the gutter material. For a more precise estimate, request a free quote from local contractors.

What is the difference between seamless and sectional gutters?

While sectional gutters are sold in precut lengths, seamless gutters are custom-cut to fit your house and can come in a range of factory-applied colors. With sectional gutters, the seams where two sections meet must be sealed. Seamless gutters cost more upfront but offer greater curb appeal.

What are the benefits of seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters offer the following benefits:

  • A range of factory-applied colors
  • Potential for fewer clogs and leaks
  • Better aesthetics

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