Clogged gutters are a major headache, conjuring thoughts of messy and tedious cleaning. If left unchecked, gutter clogs can lead to far worse problems than busywork, including rotted fascia boards, a flooded basement, and a damaged roof or foundation. That’s where LeafFilter gutter guards come in.

LeafFilter is a full-service gutter guard company that offers a micro-mesh screen gutter protection system and professional installation. It’s one of our best gutter guard companies, but it’s also one of the priciest. So, how much does LeafFilter cost, and does its value justify the price? We at the This Old House Reviews Team have compiled cost data to help make your purchasing decision as easy as possible.



How Much Does It Cost?

The LeafFilter gutter guard system costs roughly $15 to $45 per linear foot, including the price of materials and labor during installation. That means you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,250 to $9,000 to install LeafFilter on a home with 150 to 200 linear feet of gutters. However, because LeafFilter is a full-service company that installs its product for you, the cost of LeafFilter varies significantly for each unique installation.

Rather than offer an up-front estimate over the phone, LeafFilter requires a free home inspection to assess the scope of your individual project and provide a personalized quote. The resulting price depends on factors such as your existing gutter condition, roof shape and pitch, materials needed, and ease of installation. Even then, LeafFilter’s initial quote may not be your final cost—many customers have negotiated to reduce the price significantly.

Note: Since gutter guards’ costs can vary widely and typically require a home visit to get a quote, we gathered price data from various sources, including Fixr and HomeAdvisor, to give you the best cost estimate. Contact your LeafFilter representative for a custom quote.



How Does It Work?

Micro-mesh screen gutter guards are an effective option to keep pests, leaves, and debris out of your gutters, and LeafFilter takes this formula two steps further with a patented three-piece design. The major components of its product are as follows:

  • Stainless Steel Micro-mesh Layer: A surgical-grade, 275-micron micro-mesh screen is at the heart of the LeafFilter gutter protection system. It’s designed not to rust or corrode and LeafFilter claims it can keep everything from large pine needles to fine shingle grit at bay.
  • uPVC Frame: This specially formulated plastic frame won’t warp or deteriorate from the outdoor elements. It strengthens the micro-mesh layer, allowing the screen to filter more water without bending or breaking under pressure.
  • Structural Hangers: Metal struts sit within your existing gutter system and fasten to your fascia boards without causing irreversible damage. This adds structural integrity to the whole system to help withstand heavy debris buildup on top of the gutter guards.

LeafFilter’s award-winning gutter guard uses surface tension to draw water through the micro-mesh screen while filtering out debris. Most of that buildup will shed on its own, thanks to the 11-degree pitch of the assembly. These gutter guards are completely sealed, too, meaning your gutters should be safe from pests, vegetation, and other debris.



Pros and Cons

To provide more context to the cost of LeafFilter, here are a few key highlights of what we like about the product and what we think the company can improve:

Pros Can install new gutters if necessary Features 275-micron steel mesh Provides lifetime, transferable warranty
Cons Has clunky negotiation process Requires professional installation



Estimate Process

LeafFilter doesn’t offer explicit pricing online, instead requiring an on-site gutter inspection to provide an exact quote. A trained professional will come to your home to determine the needs of your home, such as the length of your gutters, gutter repairs, or gutter replacement, and any obstacles barring smooth installation. 

This free inspection takes as little as 15 minutes and locks in your quoted price for one year, allowing you to take your time and make an informed decision.



Cost Factors

The cost of LeafFilter varies from home to home. While inspecting your property and gutters, the company representative will consider the following factors that impact your gutter guards’ cost.

Gutter Condition

The size, style, and condition of your gutters play an important role in determining your final pricing. If LeafFilter gutter guards aren’t a perfect fit, LeafFilter can clean, realign, or even replace your gutters and downspouts for an extra cost. This can be necessary to ensure the product’s long life and keep you from experiencing gutter clogs in the future.

Roof Shape and Pitch

The roof’s shape and height also influence the cost. Higher gutters are harder to access, and numerous corners in your gutter run make for a more meticulous installation. The pitch, or slant, of your roof is equally important. Rain falls faster down a roof with a sharper slant, requiring a larger gutter—usually 6 inches—to collect the additional water. In short, LeafGuard will use more materials to cover larger gutters and charge more for installation.

Difficulty of Installation

The installation difficulty will affect the LeafFilter system cost. LeafFilter uses subcontractors who typically complete installation in a day or less, provided everything goes smoothly. It could take longer (and therefore cost more) due to installation obstacles, such as if a tree is in the way or the technician must alternate between multiple stories.

The quality of installation may vary depending on the subcontractors available in your area. However, LeafFilter only uses trained, certified, licensed, and bonded subcontractors who work directly for the brand when completing installations.




We think LeafFilter’s lifetime warranty helps justify the higher cost of its gutter covers. If your gutters ever clog or your home sustains water damage from a gutter clog while LeafFilter gutter guards are installed, the manufacturer will repair the problem or refund the full purchase price for LeafFilter materials on your home.

The warranty is valid for the home’s life and can be transferred to the next homeowner if you choose to sell the property. While we recommend discussing warranty limitations with your representative, we find that it is worth paying more for a product that is thoroughly backed by the gutter guard company that sells it.



Ways To Save

If you’re unsure about the cost of LeafFilter, there are a few ways you can reduce the price and still get all the benefits of its gutter protection system.

Negotiate on Price

Negotiating with the salesperson is the best way to pay less for LeafFilter. According to numerous customer reviews, LeafFilter often opens with a higher estimate than what the product is actually worth, allowing for room to work out a better deal. If possible, inspect your own gutters first and understand what condition they’re in. This will give you information to support negotiating any repairs in LeafFilter’s estimate.

Consider Monthly Payments

Another way to make LeafFilter more affordable is to consider its financing options. LeafFilter offers 12 months of interest-free financing on purchases of $500 or more. This is a great option if you find it easier to make deferred payments than pay one lump sum up-front. However, it’s important to understand that interest still accrues from the purchase date, and you will still owe that amount if you fail to pay the full cost of LeafFilter within the promotional period. Doing so requires paying more than the minimum payments.

Qualify for Discounts

If you’re a senior (aged 65+) or active duty or retired military member, you’re entitled to 10% off your LeafFilter purchase. Additionally, the military discount is stackable with other discounts, meaning that senior military members can take up to 20% off their gutter guard installation. 

Remember to mention any discounts you qualify for to the inspector during your free at-home evaluation. This ensures they are reflected in the quote you receive.



Is It Worth It?

We believe LeafFilter’s high-quality product, premium materials, and transferable lifetime warranty make it a great choice for many homeowners despite being a pricey option. Installing a micro-mesh gutter guard like LeafFilter will drastically reduce the amount of manual debris removal, giving you peace of mind and more time to do things you enjoy.

We like that LeafFilter offers gutter repair or replacement and stands behind its product with a lifetime transferable warranty. Although labor quality varies by location based on customer reviews, LeafFilter only allows trained and certified subcontractors to install its product.






Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team backs up our gutter guard recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to objectively score each gutter guard product and provider. We conduct research by reviewing product specifications and provider website information, speaking with customer representatives, and analyzing customer reviews. We then score each provider against our review standards for specifications, services, reputation, warranties and discounts, payment options, and customer service to arrive at a final score out of 100.  

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