Taking care of your gutters is an essential part of home maintenance. If you don’t maintain your gutters, they can be clogged with debris. That can lead to problems including growth of mold and mildew, basement flooding, and foundation issues.

Luckily, you don’t have to handle your gutters yourself. There are many companies that can install and repair your gutters, as well as install gutter guards. However, these companies can differ in terms of services and products offered, cost, reputation, and more.

The This Old House Reviews Team has evaluated many gutter companies across the country to help you find the best fit for your needs. In this in-depth LeafFilter review, we help you decide if the company is right for your needs.



Our Take on LeafFilter

We rated LeafFilter a 90 out of 100 and consider it to be one of the best gutter companies of 2023. LeafFilter’s patented 275-micron steel mesh design and lifetime, transferable warranty make it a solid choice for your gutters.

Pros and Cons of LeafFilter

✔ Lifetime, transferable warranty
✔ 275-micron stainless steel micro-mesh
✔ Can install new gutters if necessary

✘ Cost information not explicitly available on website
✘ Quality of service can vary depending on the local office



What Is LeafFilter Gutter Protection?

LeafFilter sells and installs its patented three-piece LeafFilter gutter protection system to manage water while shedding several types of debris. This includes common causes of clog issues, such as pine needles and shingle grit.

Product Details

  • Micro-mesh: The 275-micron micro-mesh screen is composed of surgical-grade stainless steel, designed to not rust or corrode. LeafFilter states that the screen is so fine that even shingle grit should not get through it.
  • uPVC frame: LeafFilter’s durable uPVC material is formulated to never warp or deteriorate. It features a built-in pitch to be installed at the best angle to shred debris.
  • Structural hangers: Internal hidden hangers fasten to fascia board for extra strength.

Unlike reverse-curve gutter guards, LeafFilter is a completely sealed system, leaving no gaps on either side of the gutter. It is installed over the top of the existing gutter system, a departure from some foam-and-brush gutter designs that nest inside the gutter. LeafFilter is not a DIY product, and it requires professional installation.

How LeafFilter Gutter Guards Work

When water flows over the LeafFilter micro-mesh, surface tension draws the liquid through it and into the gutter. The built-in pitch ensures the filter sheds debris while accepting water. The sealed system is built to withstand the weight of sticks, pests, and twigs. However, this type of debris can accumulate on top of the system over time. Like other gutter guard systems, LeafFilter’s product helps prevent gutter clogs, but it does not completely eliminate the need for maintenance.

As a micro-mesh gutter guard, LeafFilter tends to resist debris buildup better than cheap DIY alternatives, such as brush-style gutter guards. The small openings of the micro-mesh screen are more efficient at filtering out minute particles that other designs carry through to downspouts, often leading to clogs.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

LeafFilter does place some limitations on using its lifetime warranty. Read over some of the limitations you might run into with LeafFilter’s warranty below:

  • The warranty does not cover damage to gutters, fascia boards, roof substrate, or surfaces caused by the installation of LeafFilter products.
  • The warranty is void if the LeafFilter product sustains damage from structural changes, adjacent trees or plant life, or an uncontrollable act of nature.
  • The warranty is void if the product is modified or altered from its original installation or any willful action was taken to impede or restrict the flow of water through the gutter system.
  • An improper number of down-spouts may limit the water carrying capacity of the gutter system and the resulting overflow is not covered by the warranty.



LeafFilter Installation

LeafFilter employs the following three-step process for gutter guard installation:

  1. Free inspection
    A LeafFilter specialist will need to pay an in-home visit to your property to evaluate the existing gutter system. The specialist will look for damage, improper placement, and other potential problem areas to determine whether special attention is necessary prior to gutter guard installation. This may include removal of existing gutter guard systems and the installation of new gutters.
  2. Preparation
    Your LeafFilter specialist will then address any remaining action items to prepare for gutter guard installation. This may include gutter cleaning to remove clogs, re-alignment of the existing gutter system, and seam sealing. The specialist will also make any necessary gutter repairs at this time.
  3. Professional installation
    To install the three-piece LeafFilter design, your specialist will first install hidden hangers inside the gutter that screw into your home’s fascia board. These hangers reinforce the gutter system without introducing an eyesore that could impact the curb appeal of your home.The specialist then installs the LeafFilter gutter guard over the existing gutter. You should expect the entire installation process to take a few hours up to a full day. LeafFilter cleans up any screws or fallen debris before exiting your property.



LeafFilter Cost

LeafFilter does not list prices online, because the exact amount you pay for your LeafFilter system will depend on the scope of the project, including whether or not you need repairs or new gutters installed. During the free in-home inspection of your gutters, an estimator will provide you with a personalized quote and walk you through it.



Compare Quotes from Gutter Experts in Your State

LeafFilter Reviews

LeafFilter is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating from the organization.* Positive reviews praise the effectiveness of the gutter guard and mention a smooth and professional installation. More critical takes on the company expressed disappointment in the expensive cost and misleading sales tactics. Here are a few reviews to give you a better idea of the typical customer experience:

“Now that my splash guards have been placed correctly and silicone put under the splash guard, my LeafFilter system is working very well!I No longer have to clean out leaves from my gutters while on a ladder or clean dried mud out of the downspouts.” — Judy D., BBB

“Except for the haggling over the final price, everything else went smoothly to addressing concerns during the installation process. They were very responsive to all my questions before and after the installation. This product seems to be the best out of all the competitive brands I studied.” — Michael V., BBB

“Installed November 2022, in *******, so no snow/ice issues. Seems to be working fine so far, and not expecting any issues, as time goes on. Although your product is probably the best on the market, it is very expensive vs other options available. However, your salesmanship falls into the snake oil realm, due to your approach to pricing the installation. Shameful; should anyone request a referral, I will tell this shameful tale. The final agreed-upon price, which I still believe to be quite excessive (although I agreed to it), was ~40% of the price first proposed (that first price was nearly equal to the cost of the new premium-shingle roof, sans new gutters!). I repeat: shameful. Such a BS approach to making the sale; including such comments as any new negotiated price has to be accepted before your representative walks out the door. Stampede me into an immediate decision, don’t let me sleep on it. Shameful.” — Wayne W., BBB

*Better Business Bureau information accurate as of March 2023.



Our Conclusion

We believe the LeafFilter gutter guard to be a worthwhile investment for home improvement, using a 275-micron micro-mesh filter to accept rainwater, block debris, and ultimately protect your home from water damage. LeafFilter also provides a transferable, lifetime warranty for its product.

The patented product features aluminum and stainless steel for maximum protection and strength, with the added bonus of rust and corrosion resistance. Like many companies, LeafFilter has a mix of positive and negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau, but it does stand out with a high rating on the website.

We recommend getting the quote process started by visiting LeafFilter’s website or comparing quotes with other top gutter guard providers, such as HomeCraft.



Company Information

  • Company name: LeafFilter
  • Company type: Private
  • CEO: Jeff Beck
  • Year founded: 2005
  • Headquarters: 1595 Georgetown Rd, Hudson, OH 44236
  • State availability: 47
  • BBB rating: A+



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