The This Old House Reviews Team is dedicated to bringing you top-quality comparative content about gutter guards to help you make informed decisions for yourself and your home. To provide fair and accurate comparisons of the top gutter guard choices, we created a comprehensive rating system of key factors to score them against.

With our ratings in place, we conducted in-depth research on 11 providers. We analyzed provider websites, tracked third-party ratings, and put our finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment to round out our understanding of each gutter guard.

The resulting information allowed us to score each provider objectively and fairly based on our review standards. Learn more about our rating methodology below.



Our Rating Methodology for Gutter Guards

We collected data on gutter services and products and scored each company on a 100-point rating system. Our ranking factors cover key aspects of each provider, including product details, customer service, affordability, peace of mind, and customer sentiment. Here is a look at each category and its weight.

Customer Service (15%)

When shopping for gutter guards, customer service is important. Whether a company offers fair prices, uses professional and courteous contractors, and upholds its warranty are all elements of customer satisfaction. Likewise, brands that sell DIY gutter guards should be available to answer installation questions and stand behind the warranty they provide.

We awarded 8 points to companies that are reachable by phone and email and 4 points for either communication channel alone. We also gave 6 points for 24/7 customer service and 6 points for availability during business hours.

Reputation (14%)

We consistently monitor Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings and assign the highest point value of 10 to those with an A or A+ rating. We deduct 2 points for each full letter grade below an A. For example, a B rating earns 8 points, a C rating earns 6 points, and so on. Companies with an F rating or no rating at all receive 1 point.

We also use each provider’s years in business as a ranking factor to gauge its overall familiarity and expertise with its craft. Fifty-plus years in business earned 4 points, 26 to 50 years earned 3.5 points, and under 25 earned 3 points.

Guard Details (16%)

There is a wide variety of gutter guard designs on the market, and all are not created equal. Some have better construction, are more aesthetically pleasing, are better for cold weather, or are superior for filtering fine debris.

We awarded 4 points for each of the following factors:

  • Micro-mesh design
  • Heated element
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Availability in 15+ colors

Additional Benefits (10%)

When making a significant investment in your home, whether spending additional time installing DIY gutter guards or money for professional installation, it’s important to know that the product you choose will last. The vast majority of gutter guards and services include varying warranties, from 25 years to the life of your home. Some companies also offer discounts that lower the barrier of entry for certain groups, such as the elderly or the military.

We awarded 5 points for lifetime warranties, 3 points for limited warranties, and 5 points for online discounts. Each provider is only eligible for one of the warranty factors, leading to a potential total of 10 points for this section.

Services (30%)

Many providers can do more than install gutter guards. We rewarded those that act as a one-stop shop for all your gutter needs. Specifically, providers earned 5 points each for the following:

  • Providing binding quotes for one year
  • Removing existing gutters
  • Replacing gutters
  • Installing new gutters
  • Offering downspouts 
  • Conducting maintenance

Note: Gutter products intended for DIY installation methods were ineligible to be scored on these ranking factors. To maintain an objective comparison between the two provider types, we ranked products on a lesser total of 70 points. We calculated each raw score as a percentage of 70 and used that figure as the final rating for each product.

For example, if a product has a raw score of 60 points, we would extrapolate 60 out of 70 as a final score of 85.7 out of 100.

Payment Options (15%)

Although installing gutter guards is highly recommended, a sizable up-front cost may surprise some homeowners. Here we analyzed the available ways to pay and any financial incentives each provider offers. We awarded online payment options with 13 points and gave 9 points to providers that require cash or checks. We also looked for payment customization, awarding 15 points to brands with financing options.



Our Research Methods

Using the following research methods, we collected the above data points for 11 top gutter companies and DIY products.

First-party research: We performed comprehensive research on each provider’s website to learn about its products, services, warranty, payment options, and more.

Secret shopping: When a provider’s website provides insufficient information for our needs, we contact the provider via a phone call under the guise of an interested customer. This allows us the best chance to extract the same information that a real consumer would if they made the phone call themselves.

Third-party ratings: We consistently check each provider’s letter grade and accreditation status with the BBB to keep a pulse on customer satisfaction. We’ve also read more than 500 customer reviews on third-party review aggregation sites, including the BBB, Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Yelp.

Warranties: We carefully read the information on each provider’s warranty to get a sense of the features and limitations of each. We also analyzed the terms and conditions of warranties when available.



The Team

The This Old House Review Team is an independent editorial team of subject matter experts who champion the categories and home services we recommend. From the beginning stages of research to the published review articles, our team works diligently to center the reader’s interests by identifying common pain points, connecting people with firsthand knowledge and experience, and crafting content that meets our audience’s needs. We aim to help first-time homebuyers, potential sellers, budget-conscious homeowners, and others from all walks of life streamline their decision-making process for selecting their home services.

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