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MasterShield Review (2021)

If you’re looking for the best company to install gutter guards, read our MasterShield review to find out if this is the right provider for you and your needs.  

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It’s easy to forget about your gutters until they get clogged with leaves, pests, and other debris. In fact, you might not think about them until the clog is causing serious issues, whether it’s cracks in the foundation or leaks in the basement.

Gutter guards are part of a healthy, well-run home. However, there are many gutter and gutter guard companies out there, and it can be hard to choose the best one for you.

The This Old House Reviews Team has evaluated a variety of gutter companies on key metrics like services offered, cost, installation, and more to help you find the best fit for your needs. Read our comprehensive MasterShield review to find out if this is the best gutter company for your home.

Our Take on MasterShield

We rated MasterShield an 8.6 out of 10 and consider it one of the best gutter companies of 2020. The company’s technology was patented by the inventor of the micromesh gutter guard in 2001, which is becoming the industry standard. MasterShield offers the option for heated gutters, which can be key for customers who live in colder climates. The company’s HydroVortex technology keeps gutters strong, and the majority of the company’s aluminum is recycled.

While MasterShield is worth considering for your gutter needs, we recommend evaluating multiple companies to make sure you get the right services for the best price. LeafFilter might be the better option for you because of its lifetime, transferable warranty. To compare costs, start the quote process with LeafFilter by completing this form.

Pros & Cons of MasterShield

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
✔ Can be installed at same pitch as roof ✘ No DIY installation
✔ Eco-friendly: products are 95% recycled content in the aluminum ✘ Full list of colors not available on the website
✔ Gutter system can be heated ✘ No centralized list of locations

Services & Features

MasterShield installs its proprietary gutter guards and also sells and installs new gutters if you need to replace yours. Its gutter guards come in 14 colors, including gray, brown, black, and white.

Gutter Guard Features

MasterSheild’s gutter guards have an aluminum frame that can conform to the imperfections near gutters. The guards have self-cleaning features to remove roof oils, a built-in solution to dripping, built in i-beams for added strength, and a shingle-safe back.

  • Pitch: MasterShield gutter guards can be installed at the same pitch as the roof for convenience.
  • HydroVortex technology: This allows water to be filtered vertically, keeping water pulled into your gutters even if they are placed straight up and down.
  • Eco-friendly: The USA-manufactured products have 95% recycled content in the aluminum and more than 30% recycled content in the stainless steel.
  • Heated: You can opt for a gutter system that can be heated to avoid issues with ice dams and icicles.


To get started, customers schedule a free in-home inspection. A MasterShield specialist will come to your home and evaluate the state of your gutters to determine what needs to happen next.

When it’s time for installation, MasterShield gutter guards are installed with a special design that allows for vertical flexibility and horizontal rigidity. This means that it can be adapted to different roofing conditions and minimized shingle shift.

MasterShield Cost

Like its competitors, MasterShield does not list prices on its website, because the scope of the project differs from customer to customer. However, the site does note that the average cost of gutter guards ranges from $1.20 to $10 per foot. Factors that contribute to the overall cost include whether the gutters are damaged and need to be replaced, whether you want a heated gutter or other add-on features, and more,

When a MasterShield specialist conducts the free in-home inspection, they can give you a custom estimate.

State Availability

MasterShield serves several states across the U.S. but does not have a centralized list of locations on its website. To determine if MasterShield is available in your area, we recommend contacting the company.

MasterShield Reviews

MasterShield has multiple profiles with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), each devoted to a different branch location. None of the pages feature customer reviews, which is also the case across other third-party review sites. On the BBB, some of MasterShield’s pages are rated while others are not, ranging from A+ to F and not rated.

Our Conclusion

We believe that MasterShield is a great choice, with cutting-edge technology developed by the individual who invented the micromesh gutter guard. The company cares about convenience, with guards that can be installed at the same pitch as the roof and a heating option. MasterShield also cares about the environment, using many recycled materials.

If MasterShield does not offer services in your area, or you would feel more comfortable with a company that has a lifetime warranty, LeafFilter might be the ideal company for you. To start the process of getting an estimate from LeafFilter, complete this short online form.

Company Information

  • Company name: MasterShield
  • Company type: Private
  • CEO: Tom Kahn
  • Year founded: 2004
  • Headquarters: 83 2nd Avenue, Paterson, NJ 07514
  • State availability: Unclear
  • BBB rating: Varies by location

Frequently Asked Questions about MasterShield

How much do MasterShield gutter guards cost?

The amount you pay for your service and guards will ultimately depend on your unique needs, but the company states that gutter guards typically range in price from $1.20 to $10 per foot.

Do gutter guards cause problems?

There are some concerns about the effect that gutter guards can have on roof warranties. MasterShield claims that its gutter guards will not affect your warranty—but if they do, the company will reimburse your deductible up to $1,500.

Do gutter guards work in heavy rain?

Gutter guards work in heavy rain. MasterShield’s gutter guards allow water to filter directly, which helps when heavy rain comes.

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