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Keep Gutters Uncluttered

Scaling a ladder to dislodge clumps of dirty, decaying leaves isn’t anyone’s favorite chore. Cross this nasty task off your autumn to-do list for good with gutter guards that keep out leafy debris—while you stay safely on the ground

Foam Fillers

These inserts nestle invisibly inside gutters; moisture flows through the porous foam, but solids can’t collect. Look for fillers with a UV-resistant coating and a multiyear warranty.

Shown: Filter Flow XT Gutter Filter, from $16 for 4 feet;

Micro Mesh

Stainless-steel mesh filters out small particles like loose shingle grit; supportive edging screws on neatly to prevent sagging while staying discreetly out of sight.

Shown: Gutter Guard by Gutterglove, $7.97 per 3' x 5" piece; The Home Depot

Curved Mesh

Rainy climates call for gutter guards that can stand up to a downpour. S-shaped ridges disrupt water tension to handle heavy rain and runoff; EPA-approved zinc strips deter moss and algae.

Shown: Valor Moss Away, from $16 per foot installed; Valor Gutter Guard