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Aged Terra Cotta Pots

Aged terracotta pots can give your garden a romantic weathered look. You can cut to the chase and make your new terracotta pots look like they've been there for decades with chalky lime, which turns any pristine pot into a relic.

Steps on How to Age a Terracotta Pot

1. Stir the Mixture

Garden Lime Mixture With Water To Age Terracotta Pot Photo by Lisa Shin
  • In a bowl, mix garden lime and water together in a 50–50 ratio, and stir until you get a paste. You should be able to easily apply this with a foam brush; if the mixture is too thick, add water as needed.

2. Apply the Solution

Person Applies Lime Mixture To Terracotta Pot With Foam Brush Photo by Lisa Shin
  • Brush the solution onto the terra-cotta pot so that it's completely covered with a thick layer.
  • Add a second layer if needed.

3. Sand the Pot

Person Sands Terracotta Pot With Sandpaper Photo by Lisa Shin
  • Once dry, use sandpaper to smooth out any grit left on the pot. Sand some spots more aggressively for an uneven, natural look.

Tip: Since you'll be sealing the pot with a spray that will remove some of the lime, leave more than you'd like to see in the final result.

4. Seal the Surface

Person Sprays Outside Of Terra Cotta Pot With Matte Sealer Spray Photo by Lisa Shin
  • Don a protective face mask and gloves, and spray the pot with the matte sealer, letting it dry to the touch between coats.
  • Use quick, light passes and aim for three to four layers.

5. Finish Sealing

Person Sprays Inside Of Terracotta Pot With Matte Sealer Photo by Lisa Shin
  • Seal the inside and bottom of the pot too, to keep it from absorbing moisture when you water your plant.