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7 Best Foundation Repair Companies in Virginia Beach (2022)

Whether your foundation is built on a slab, a crawl space, or a full basement, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best foundation repair in Virginia Beach. Here are our picks for the most trustworthy companies.

Close-up of the foundation of a red brick house, with rocks and concrete Adobe

Your home’s foundation plays a vital role in supporting the weight and structure of the house above it. While a well-constructed foundation should last for years, factors like drought, water damage, and tree roots can all damage a foundation over the years.

In Virginia Beach, a hurricane might not cause foundation damage. However, lots of rain plus poor drainage in and around your home may, over time, lead to swelling or cracks in the foundation.

Although foundation repair can be expensive and disruptive, it’s a far better option than living in a damaged home. Of course, since this is such an important part of your home’s structure, you need to find a foundation repair company you can trust. We’ve researched companies from Newport News to Chesapeake in order to make our recommendations for the best foundation repair in Virginia Beach.

Top Foundation Repair Companies in Virginia Beach

  • Best Overall in Virginia Beach: Atlas Master Co.
  • Best for Emergency Service in Virginia Beach: JES Foundation Repair
  • Best for Financing in Virginia Beach: Bay Crawlspace & Foundation Repair
  • Best for Waterproofing in Virginia Beach: The Drying Co.
  • Best for Carpentry in Virginia Beach: Virginia Foundation Solutions
  • Best Deck and Patio Repair in Virginia Beach: Pratte Construction
  • Best for Crawl Spaces in Virginia Beach: Beneath Crawl Space Services

Best Overall in Virginia Beach: Atlas Master Co.

Atlas Master Co., also called AMC911 or Atlas Structural Services, wins the top spot on our list based on a combination of Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, customer reviews, and longevity. It’s been serving the Virginia Beach area since 1988, and in that more than 30 years of business, it has built up a stellar reputation for quality work and excellent customer service.

Located in Norfolk, Virginia, this company serves the entire greater Virginia Beach area. Its foundation repair services come with a “Life of the House/Structure” transferable product warranty, which states that if the structural integrity of your foundation fails because of product deterioration or flaws in workmanship, Atlas will provide the materials and labor to fix it.

Atlas Master Co. Services & Pricing

There are three divisions at Atlas Master Companies: structural/foundation repair, crawl space/basement waterproofing, and masonry/concrete services. No matter which team of specialists you need, the company offers no-obligation free inspections of your foundation, basement, or crawl space.

Although Atlas doesn’t provide pricing outside of the quote process, you can expect foundation repair costs to be within the Virginia Beach average of $3,700–$8,350.*

Here are a few of the structural repair services the company provides:

  • Chance® Helical Pier Foundation Systems: These foundation-supporting pillars are designed to work even in unstable soil or high water and fill areas. They’re usually installed every 8–10 feet to prevent the sinking of a foundation.
  • Surface water drainage: To prevent water damage to your home, Atlas technicians can install and repair an integrated water collection system including downspouts, drainage piping, catch basins, and more.
  • Chimney building and repair: As part of the company’s masonry services, Atlas can provide specialized chimney services that take into account all design requirements and state fire codes.

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Best for Emergency Service in Virginia Beach: JES Foundation Repair

With nearly 30 years in the industry, JES Foundation Repair is a regional company that serves much of Virginia as well as Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and parts of North Carolina. It was founded by a husband-and-wife team and is now a subsidiary of the Groundworks family of companies.

All of JES’s repair experts receive extensive training from the staff of professional engineers that JES employs. The business is open until 9 p.m. on weeknights and also provides emergency repair services.

JES Foundation Repair Services & Pricing

According to the company, JES’s foundation repair prices fall within the range of $500–$6,000+, depending on the severity of your foundation problems. Fortunately, JES also offers financing options for five, seven, or even 12 years. A technician can go over your options at the same time as they perform a free inspection.

JES Foundation Repair offers the following services and more:

  • Leveling/slabjacking ($500–$1,300+): When your garage floor, pool deck, or sidewalk begins to sink, JES technicians can often repair the problem by lifting the concrete with injections of polyurethane foam instead of needing to tear up and replace it.
  • Piering/underpinning ($1,000–$3,000+ per pier): Helical piers or screw piles can be drilled down into the bedrock beneath your home to permanently lift and stabilize your foundation.
  • Sealing/subfloor drainage ($2,000–$6,000+): JES offers a number of basement waterproofing solutions, one of which is an interior drainage system to catch any leakage that seeps in through wall joints or cracks.

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Best for Financing in Virginia Beach: Bay Crawlspace & Foundation Repair

A family-owned and operated business since 2014, Bay Crawlspace & Foundation Repair comes highly recommended by locals across online review sites. Customers praise the high quality of its work as well as its excellent customer service and communication. The company is ranked by Google as No. 1 for crawl space repair in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and it prides itself on affordability.

Bay Crawlspace & Foundation Repair Services & Pricing

As the name suggests, Bay Crawlspace & Foundation Repair offers comprehensive services to fix crawl space problems and foundation damage. The company partners with Foundation Finance to offer three convenient payment options. You’ll receive low monthly payments without any prepayment penalty, and there’s even a two-year, 0% interest option.

Here are just a few of the services that this financing can help pay for:

  • Brick and mortar repair ($750–$2,500): No matter the cause of the damage to bricks and masonry, technicians can fix it with brick matching and replacement, tuckpointing, or mortar joint repair.
  • Crawl space insulation ($1,000–$4,000): Insulating your crawl space with batting or foam can reduce moisture problems and improve your home’s air quality and energy efficiency.
  • Crawl space encapsulation ($5,500–$6,500): If water is making its way into your home’s crawl space, technicians can seal it with a vapor barrier foam board that will essentially waterproof this area, keeping moisture out.

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Best for Waterproofing in Virginia Beach: The Drying Co.

Moisture and drainage issues are some of the most common causes of foundation cracks, and The Drying Co. specializes in repairing and preventing this water damage. With a service area that stretches from Richmond to Chesapeake, The Drying Co. has many satisfied customers throughout eastern Virginia.

In its nearly 20 years in business, the company has won a number of awards for both its services and its status as an excellent place to work, meaning that it treats its employees well.

The Drying Co. Services & Pricing

The Drying Co. focuses on waterproofing and insulation services for attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Although it doesn’t provide price ranges for its services, you can typically expect to pay about $2,500–$7,000* to waterproof a basement and between 30 cents and $2 per square foot for insulation. The specifics, of course, will depend on the method or materials The Drying Co. uses for the job.

These are some of the waterproofing and insulating services The Drying Co. provides:

  • Crawl space support jacks: If the floors above your crawl space have begun to sag, Drying Co. technicians can install SmartJack® support posts to maintain the structural integrity of your foundation.
  • Gutter installation: Keeping water away from your foundation is a gutter system’s most important task, and The Drying Co. can install or repair gutters, downspouts, and gutter guard systems.
  • Attic insulation: The Drying Co. installs the SuperAttic insulation system, which helps seal your attic while still leaving it as a usable space for you and your family.

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Best for Carpentry in Virginia Beach: Virginia Foundation Solutions

The motto of this veteran-owned business is “Your Home is Our Mission,” and Virginia Foundation Solutions backs that motto up by offering excellent structural repair services for your home’s foundation and more. In the past few years alone, the company has won awards from the BBB, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and more. Customers rate Virginia Foundation Solutions especially high when it comes to professionalism, punctuality, and responsiveness.

Virginia Foundation Solutions Services & Pricing

Virginia Foundation Solutions focuses on crawl space and foundation repair solutions as well as basement waterproofing. The company’s free inspections entail no obligation on your part, and its technicians will give detailed explanations of the problems and damage as well as the best methods for fixing them.

Unfortunately, Virginia Foundation Solutions doesn’t provide pricing information, but you can expect to pay between $3,540 and $14,199* to seal a basement or foundation.

The company offers these services and more:

  • Sump pump installation and replacement: To rid your basement of standing water, Virginia Foundation Solutions technicians can install a drainage system complete with a sump pump to actively remove water.
  • PowerBrace™ support beams: For extreme foundation bowing, these heavy-duty zinc-plated beams anchor to basement floors and adjust so that, over time, technicians can re-support failing walls.
  • Wood rot repair: One common symptom of leaky basements and crawl spaces is rotten wood, and part of repairing your foundation can involve replacing the wood in your floors, walls, or ceilings.

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Best Deck and Patio Repair in Virginia Beach: Pratte Construction

A sinking foundation can cause decks, patios, porches, and driveways to become uneven, sag, or crack. If you need a company that can fix your foundation and the accompanying damage to your home’s exterior spaces, Pratte Construction is an excellent choice. The company, led by contractor Doug Pratte, provides a number of general contracting and home improvement services in addition to foundation repair and stabilization.

Pratte Construction Services & Pricing

Whether you need your existing deck repaired or you want to build an entirely new porch, Pratte Construction can help you. The company can also help you design and implement renovations or additions to your home, both interior and exterior.

The national average cost to repair a patio is $1,394, with a range between $670 and $2,119*, and Pratte Construction’s typical project should fall within that scope.

These are just a few of the general contracting services you can take advantage of:

  • Porch rebuilding: Pratte Construction can provide both design and reconstruction for your damaged porch, pergola, deck, or arbor, complete with a “no-nail” rail system.
  • House jacking: To reinforce a sagging foundation, Pratte Construction can insert steel beams under your home, slowly raise the foundation, and add additional support with wooden cribs.
  • Moisture damage repair: Whether water has damaged your home’s sub floors, girders, joists, or brick, Pratte Construction can provide a solution.

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Best for Crawl Spaces in Virginia Beach: Beneath Crawl Space Services

Finally, Beneath Crawl Space Services specializes in repairing, sealing, and insulating your home’s crawl space. Founder Mark Brown is a Virginia Beach native who values being a part of the Hampton Roads community, and customers highly recommend his team based on their dependability and conscientiousness. After 15 years in the industry, Brown knows his way around a crawl space.

Beneath Crawl Space Services Services & Pricing

Whatever your crawl space needs, from insulation to pest control, Beneath Crawl Space Services can provide it. Although the company doesn’t offer its prices online, customers report being impressed with the affordable nature of the company’s services. For reference, the national average for cleaning or encapsulating a crawl space is between $1,500 and $15,000*.

Here are some of the services Mark Brown and Beneath Crawl Space Services provide:

  • Crawl space moisture management: Keeping your crawl space free of dampness is essential to preventing mold growth and ensuring your foundation remains strong.
  • Insulation installation: Ensuring your home and crawl space are properly insulated will greatly improve its energy efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling bills.
  • Termite inspection and treatment: If the structural problem with your home is due to termite damage instead of foundation problems, Beneath can both stabilize the affected areas and treat your home with appropriate pesticide.

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*All national and local cost averages are courtesy of Home Advisor as of November 30, 2021.

Our Conclusion

You’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to foundation repair in Virginia Beach. Although all of the above companies have an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB, we find that Atlas Master Co. offers the best combination of quality of service, years in business, and top-notch warranties. However, JES Foundation Repair and Bay Crawlspace & Foundation Repair also have excellent reputations.

Since all these companies offer free inspections, it’s a good idea to get a few quotes before committing to a foundation repair service.

Foundation Repair Terms

Unless you’re in the business of construction or general contracting, you’re likely to run across some unfamiliar terms when doing your research into foundation repair. Here are a few of those terms.

  • Concrete leveling: This is the process of improving soil compaction, water drainage, or other issues that are causing concrete surfaces like driveways to crack or become uneven.
  • Crawl space encapsulation: This is the process of waterproofing a crawl space by lining the area with materials like vapor barriers, plastic sheeting, or insulation.
  • Helical piers: These are long, hollow pillars drilled into the ground to support a building’s foundation above; they allow for quick installation with minimal soil disruption.
  • Helical tiebacks: These are helical piers drilled into the ground at an angle to prevent a foundation from moving in a horizontal direction.
  • Push piers: These are hollow cylinders driven into the ground with a hydraulic ram to support the foundation of a larger building; they aren’t often used for single-family homes.
  • Slab foundation: This type of foundation consists of a thick layer of concrete that supports the weight of a house with no basement or crawl space.
  • Slabjacking: This is the process of raising a slab of concrete (including but not limited to a foundation) by drilling holes and pumping mud or other filler material beneath it; it may also be called “mudjacking.”
  • Sump pump: This is a type of pump that removes collected water, often from a home’s basement, when the foundation of a home sits below the water table.
  • Tuckpointing: This process of giving brickwork a more polished appearance by using two colors of mortar, one that matches the bricks and another contrasting color (usually white). It makes the space between bricks look smaller than it actually is.
  • Underpinning: This is the process of supporting a home’s existing foundation using piers; it may also be called “piering.”
  • Vapor barrier: This is a type of plastic or metal sheeting that resists allowing water through, typically used in construction to keep moisture out of a basement, attic, or crawl space.

Our Rating Methodology

This Old House aims to provide objective, well-researched reviews of foundation repair companies through a transparent and detailed methodology. We rate each foundation repair company on a 100-point scale in order to back up our findings and recommendations. Learn more about our rating methodology below:

  • Foundation Repair Services (20 Points): Does the company provide comprehensive foundation repair services from the following options: pier installation, soil nails, leaning chimney repairs, mudjacking, retaining/stabilizing walls, cracked brick or block repairs, new construction piers services, timber pile support, wall anchors, or carbon fiber reinforcement?
  • Basement Waterproofing Services (12 Points): Does the company offer comprehensive basement waterproofing services, such as drainage system installation, sump pumps, basement dehumidifiers, vapor barriers (wall coverings), window wells, or emergency waterproofing services?
  • Crawl Space Services (10 Points): Does the company provide comprehensive crawl space services including crawl space support jacks, crawl space encapsulation, dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, or insulation services?
  • Concrete Services (8 Points): Does the company provide industry-standard concrete services for both slab foundation and concrete structures, such as new construction concrete services, sinking concrete slabs repairs, concrete leveling, or concrete caulking for cracks?
  • Financing Options (18 Points): Does the company offer financing options that include desirable plans such as a reduced interest loan or same-as-cash option? Does it customize the payment plan for each customer?
  • Warranty Options (15 Points): Does the company include or not include a transferable lifetime warranty? Does it only provide a manufacturer’s warranty?
  • Additional Benefits (17 Points): Can customers expect additional benefits or resources from the company, such as commercial services, a blog, online videos, an online gallery, an online customer portal, or eco-friendly options?

Virginia Beach Foundation Repair FAQs

What’s the average cost of foundation repair in Virginia Beach?

According to HomeAdvisor, foundation repair in Virginia Beach costs an average of $5,653, with a typical range of between $3,700 and $8,350. However, depending on the specifics of the problem, you could pay as little as $200 or as much as $15,000 or more.

What are some signs of foundation problems?

Since houses depend on foundations for their structure, a problem with the foundation can cause issues throughout the house, including the following:

  • Cracks in drywall, tile, ceiling, or bricks
  • Uneven or cracked floors
  • Bowing or rotating walls
  • Tilting chimney
  • Basement water seepage
  • Doors/windows that are difficult to open/close
  • Misaligned trim or molding

How long does it take for a foundation to settle after repair?

Although you may be tempted to start fixing the cosmetic damage to your home right away, you need to give your home about four to six weeks to settle after a major foundation repair. Your house frame will need time to self-adjust, so making cosmetic repairs before then may be pointless.

Are foundation repairs worth the cost?

Unfortunately, foundation repairs tend to be very expensive, and they’re rarely covered by homeowners insurance. However, problems with the foundation can compromise the structural integrity of the rest of the house. Additionally, they can reduce the value of a home by 10–15%. In nearly every case, it’s worth the peace of mind to repair your home’s foundation as soon as possible.

How long does foundation repair last in Virginia Beach?

In most cases, foundation repair solutions are permanent and shouldn’t need to be repeated over the course of your time in a home, particularly if you address any drainage issues that may have damaged it. However, weather, seismic events, erosion, and other uncontrollable factors may eventually cause repeat damage to a previously-repaired foundation.

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