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Wrought Iron railing post rusting in concrete

I live in Baltimore City, Maryland in a 30 yr old townhome development with 133 homes.  When this development was built in 1987, the builder used wrought iron railings inserted into the concrete stairs/landings.  Overtime, these railing posts have begun to release rust, at the base of the posts, on the concrete.  The entire development has this rust problem and several homeowners have tried different methods to remedy this problem without any luck.

Do you have any suggestion for a sure fix without having to replace the railings? 

Re: Wrought Iron railing post rusting in concrete

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After the new ownership takeover why has the question & answer forum lost the DIYer's? Also why have all the former professionals that ansered the question dropped off? Since the takeover i see very little traffic on the discussion forum at the most maybe 1 / 2 per day, responce for the questions is also down to 1 maybe 2.How long do you think the advertisers for this site will hang in there. I think you took a very informative discussion board and turned it into a failure. What does TOH tink about the NEW SITE DISCUSSION board's lack of support from the public?


Re: Wrought Iron railing post rusting in concrete

Hi Sharon, I have a few friends that live in down town Baltimore... walking distance to B&O. Lots of nice old row homes there. Anyway, the metal is rusting because it's exposed and staying wet. Believe it or not, the epoxy around the base is probably making it worse as it's not allowing the metal to dry out. Do you get a lot of sun on your patio there in the morning or afternoon? Or do you not really get any sun until later in the day?

If it were me, I'd grind out all that epoxy and glue that's around there, then use a wire brush attachment on a power drill to clean up all the scale on the railings. Hopefully it's not too deep at this point. Then, pressure wash the entire thing and let it dry out. When it's dry... you can get some high-gloss epoxy paint, and just brush it on the railing so that it completely surrounds the metal, but don't paint the concrete. After that, not much more you can do.



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