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What style is my plain old house?

My husband and I are nearing close of escrow on a 1905 bungalow in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. It is very plain and I don't know what style (more than just "bungalow") to call it. The interior does not have any built-ins and the rooms are all small with no flow like one would expect of an arts-and-crafts bungalow. Any ideas? Your thoughts are appreciated!:) I've already read three books on cottages, bungalows, and arts-and-crafts homes and still can't put my finger on it.

Re: What style is my plain old house?

Kind of looks like military housing; officer's quarters.

Re: What style is my plain old house?

Interesting thought... However, there has never been any kind of military base or population in this area. The area was Native American land, then became Spanish/Mexican ranch land, and then citrus groves. Around the 1890s the area started to become a suburb to downtown Los Angeles, with the biggest boom in building in the 1920s. Our house is older than most in the neighborhood, and not nearly as craftsman-bungalow as most. There are quite a few that seem to be variations on this same plan, however. But I don't know what the insides of those houses look like.

There is some original interior millwork which is all very craftsman in appearance, but that is about all that seems craftsman about it.

Sidney Fife
Re: What style is my plain old house?

Since there was no military base there, but there WERE citrus groves and workers who needed housing, I'd say it's a "Shotgun house", based on the ones known across the South.

Here's a link to a picture of some that look almost identical to yours:


For more info and history on these, go to this site; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shotgun_house

Here's a quote:

"The shotgun house is a narrow rectangular domestic residence, usually no more than 12 feet (3.5 m) wide, with doors at each end. It was the most popular style of house in the Southern United States from the end of the American Civil War (1861–65), through to the 1920s. Alternate names include shotgun shack, shotgun hut, and shotgun cottage. A railroad apartment is somewhat similar, but has a side hallway from which rooms are entered (by analogy to compartments in passenger rail cars).

A longstanding theory is that the style can be traced from Africa to Haitian influences on house design in New Orleans,[1] but the houses can be found as far away as Chicago, Illinois; Key West, Florida, Tampa neighborhood Ybor City[1]"

and California

Many sites I saw while searching show these houses as elaborately decorated, like Italianates, Queen Annes and even encased in modern sheet metal!

Re: What style is my plain old house?

It could be a shotgun but it looks more like a converted bunk house to me.

Re: What style is my plain old house?

I see by now you have likely reviewed certain websites (love the New Orleans shotgun house). I have just skimmed several other promising websites; there I found several sites that provided detailed historic home floor plans; namely, various bungalows, cottages, planters cabins, shotgun houses, et cetera (search - historic home floor plans). Moreover, try Google Earth; if you haven't, you'll be fascinated. From the aerial/ satellite photographs, you might glean some revealing topographical, commercial, or industrial artifacts, which could contribute to determining your home's architectural style. And for the benefit of your readers, try Google Maps Street View. It's like walking along the neighborhood streets,

Re: What style is my plain old house?

Yeah it looks like the units in the military housing compound. No matter what style your house is, what's important is the atmosphere you maintain inside your home ;)

Re: What style is my plain old house?

One way to give it that "Bungalow" characteristic look is to put some tapered columns in, that sit on a 24x24x36 brick pedestal base. Easy way to give some great curb appeal!

Re: What style is my plain old house?

I would say that it is a craftsman bungalow style. You kind of touched on this in your original post here. Its definitely a bungalow floor plan but with a craftsman style.

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