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water collected in sink

We noticed that one of our less used bathroom sink ( daughter's room , she is away at uni) was full of clear water . The sink has not been used for a month. My H put some Drano & water drained slowly.The sink always has a problem with slow draining(I suspect D put hair & other things into sink !)

Our AC condensate line is connected to that sink area. Our AC units have been working continuously for past couple of weeks .

What must have been caused the water collection ? Should I call a plumber or should I pour more chemicals down the drain ? If this is DIY issue how should we tackle this ?

Thanks in advance

Re: water collected in sink

I recommend to stop with pouring chemicals into your drain, because: 1. they don't work, as you just told us, 2. they damage your drain pipes, whatever kind of pipes you have.

Instead, manually clean your trap, by taking it apart and removing whatever is stopping the water is the best way. Then reinstall. Truthfully, I prefer cleaning whatever I can outside the wall, rather than snaking and pushing the blockage deeper into the pipes in the walls.

Most likely, it's hair.

If you have no knowledge how to do it, don't mess with it - call a blumber/handyman with experience.

Re: water collected in sink

I suggest you call a plumber before things out of hand. You can put some chemicals and see if the clog in the sink is removed, but I recommend not to take a chance.

Re: water collected in sink

Plumber came . There were issues with ac condensate line and a blocked drain ( hair !!).


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