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very cold master bedroom

our custom home built in 06 is freezing us out at night. our master bed is 45 degrees at night with the thermostate readying 72 we need help. we changed to vinyl windows added more weather strip had the house thermo camera recorded for leaks. help us thanks kastan

Re: very cold master bedroom

Sounds like you need a HVAC pro in there. you likely have poorly installed or improperly designed duct system that's not delivering heat to your master bedroom. Are the other bedrooms cooler? Have you tried leaving the door open? Can you feel a lot of air trying to get under the bedroom door? Where is the thermostat located?

NExt you could try partially closing a few registers in rooms that are warmer. Make sure the registers in your bedroom are open fully. IF you can access the ductwork form the basement or attic, make sure it's attached and not collapsed.

Worst case you may need ot modify the ductwork and add another register to that room along with adding dampers on the other branches to the other rooms.

To make matters worse, it's possible that your furnace is oversized. An oversized system will make temperature differences worse.

All rooms in my house after I balanced it and made some modifications are within 1 degree F except the kitchen that's 2F cooler. I decided that it wasn't worth cutting another duct at this point.

Re: very cold master bedroom

First of all, exactly what type of heating do you have in the house & in your master bedroom?????

Is it forced hot air, forced hot water, or other??????

And have you had a heating technician over lately to try & find out what is the problem????

Re: very cold master bedroom

What about other parts of the house?
Are they cold too?
You said you had a thermo test, what did you find out?
More info please.

Re: very cold master bedroom

the thermo camera revealed only minor leaks at the doors and windows and i have changed all the windows to norandex vinyl windows top of the line stuff. the h/a system is forced air heated by propane. it is also a high quality unit that is very highly rated. the rest of the house is normal. the vents to the west side of the house have been shut off but it did not help. i have had the system tested and retested by a good heat and air company no problems all is well. the heat unit sits in the middle of the house and the master bed is on the east end the others are on the west end. the thermostate is not digital and is off a couple degrees and is mounted in the hall on the west end. we have 2 return air grills one is directly above the mb door. i have the best insulation we could buy and a roof system designed to save money on heating and a/c we are also wrapped in tyvek. it is so frustrating to have this problem and have to live with heaters blowing all night long just to keep it realatively warm in the room. last night the wind blew at 45 to 50 mph out of the north last night and did not help a bit either. i have also put more weatherstripping in the outside doors than came in the system. i added the old copper stripping on the jams that helped but still does not solve my problem. any more ideas ?????? thanks for the responses. stan

Re: very cold master bedroom

"any more ideas ??????"

Pack up and move to florida

Jim S.
Re: very cold master bedroom

Kastan - I understand it's been a year, but I was wondering if you have you corrected the heating issue in your master bedroom? I am a new member, but I specialize in balancing airflow in homes to eliminate these types of issues.

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