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TerryB Il
Utility Cart Plans

I am a new member to this forum and have looked till I am about to go blind on the website.

I was watching the March 4, 2010 show and saw a plywood utility cart built as a project. Does anyone know where I can find those plans on the website, or are they not available?

Any help would be truly appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: Utility Cart Plans

Plans for a cart like that should be easy to find all over the internet. It will likely be a while, if ever, before ATOH gets around to posting plans for it. A quick Google of "work cart plans" pulled up all kinds of free cart plans. Here's one with many different configurations, all plans are free to download.

This is also an extremely basic project. If you can use a measuring tape and a saw, you can build it yourself, without plans. All you have to do is determine the size you want the cart to be and start building it.

A tip on the casters. Instead of bolting them from the bottom up, as Tommy did, bolt them from the top down. By that I mean put the bolt head in the bottom of the cart, then nut the caster on from below. This will leave the floor of the cart completely smooth. Tommy did it from the bottom up, not as clean an install. When you buy your bolts, you'll need to measure the thickness of the plywood, the caster mounting plate, and the thickness of the nyloc nut so that you get the exact length of bolt without having a lot of extra hanging down to get in the way of the caster, or, use any length you want and cut off the excess once they're installed.

TerryB Il
Re: Utility Cart Plans

Thanks for your help. All I need to do now is get started.

A. Spruce
Re: Utility Cart Plans

Your welcome. Report back with your progress. :cool:

Re: Utility Cart Plans

Here is my problem. Why show it and say "see the website" if you are never going to do what you say. I will give them a little slack but program aired in March and this is November and still nothing.

I have spent hours searching for one that is even close but to no avail. I like this one. So put it on the site.

Probably what happened is when the other guy made a suggestion about doing the wheels another way made them mad.

Re: Utility Cart Plans

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Re: Utility Cart Plans

I like Utility car parks with some extra space.

Re: Utility Cart Plans

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Re: Utility Cart Plans

I am thinking of decorating my powder room with a spin. :) I am not sure if this will look tacky, or might be able to wing it. My utility cart is wider than this one approx. 3ft x 1ft. And if there is a consensus, then I plan to decorate with candles, towels, magazines, orchid etc. But, can't decide, whether it's a good idea? I haven't painted the walls as yet.

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