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trying not to sound too squeamish but...

Ok here goes - I have inherited a really old house (circa 1796) located in a small coastal town in MA. The house is on property that was once a farm. I have also inherited a HUGE mouse problem.
My mom died in February and her cat has been relocated. Since I don't live in the house right now I can't keep a cat out there. I keep all the food in the house in secure places, but I still find evidence of mice (small black poop)all over. I don't think I could place enough traps to get rid of them (and the thought of taking dead mice out of traps after a week or so of decomposition is not very appealing).
I do know corn snakes are crawling about in the ceilings and walls since we have found shed skins -but they haven't been able to keep up I guess.
I don't like using poisons since there are cats and other domestic pets in the area.
Any ideas?

Re: trying not to sound too squeamish but...

Jack Russell Terriers were bred to kill rodents on farms. Contact your local JRT rescue and see what they have to offer. I have lent my 2 JRT's to friends who had squirrel problems.

Pumpkinbrook dot com is your local JRT rescue. Of course they will not be able to kill the rodents still in the walls, so a few visits will be in order.

Re: trying not to sound too squeamish but...

thanks but I'm not sure dogs are the answer to my problem.

Re: trying not to sound too squeamish but...

sorry meant to add that I have considered getting some ferrets to help out, but since I don't live in the house full time right now, I am not comfortable about leaving animals out there by themselves.

Re: trying not to sound too squeamish but...

For mice, use traps (fresh peanut butter is excellent bait). Dump the trap and the mouse and don't reuse this trap again. Also, wear gloves, so you don't leave your scent on the trap when you set it in place.

About snakes? I don't know how to catch them, I just know how to kill them with a shovel.

Re: trying not to sound too squeamish but...

Old farm houses are notorious in my experience, especially when the set unused for a while, of being full mice & snakes. The only real solution is to seal up all points of entry and then eliminate the pests by whatever means you want.
It would be nice to leave a one way door out, but I don't think that's practical.:)

Re: trying not to sound too squeamish but...

Ditto to the Terriers, but for the snakes and whatever else may be rummaging in the cracks and walls, you might have to bunk up somewhere with your pets and fumigate the entire home.

Re: trying not to sound too squeamish but...

When the rodent and snake problem get to the point that you describe you need a professional exterminator. I am all for do it yourself but in a case like this its not about cutting a board too short. The disease and infestation of fleas ant ticks that can carry lime and other diseases not to mention all the vermin feces. You can really be putting yourself and others at risk. If there ever a time for a professional this is it. Good luck and please post back.

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