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Stucco Chminey

Hi all,


I ahve a 1920 s house in atlanta, we are renovating ..  It has a fairly elaborate stucco chimmey but it was build on exposed brick pillers..  What is the chance that the chimney is originally stucco vs just brick.   The old forth ward neighborhood seems to have very very very few original stucco chimmeney  mostly mostly 99% brick.

Was the stucco used to support the cumbling brick?


Re: Stucco Chminey

Most chimneys were exposed Brick in that time period. Than at some time they were Stuccoed due to failure of mortar joints or failing brick. If you were to look at a cross section of the Stucco & Mortar joint material do they look the same or are the mortar joints a lighter beige color than the Stucco ?  If the Stucco is a light grey color & the joint are beige than the Stucco was applied at a later date.  Also check the hardness of the mortar joint material & the Stucco material if the joint material is the softest than it would also indicate that the Stucco was applied at a later date.

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