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Stampcrete or pavers

I have a new house and want to install a patio in the back yard. My question is should I go with stampcrete or pavers? I've heard pros and cons for each.

Timothy Miller
Re: Stampcrete or pavers

Howdy, congratulations on your new home. How stable are your soils? The biggest advantage concrete verses pavers in my opinion is no weeds growing in to the cracks that one has with pavers.
If your soil is stable and you do not have a freeze thaw cycle to deal with an the weeds are not a concern, are you going to do the work or hire it out. Doing it yourself is easier with pavers.

Re: Stampcrete or pavers

while the design styles are equal with both, I vote permeable pavers.

Re: Stampcrete or pavers

thank you for your responses. If i go with the stampcrete i'm going to hire it out; however with my friends help i can tackle the pavers myself. At least that's what we think.

My overall concern is the soil, but i keep hearing that as long as you lay down a good base you won't have any problems.

I live in frederick, md so i'm just below the mason dixon line. Our winters are mild. It only snowed twice.

The hunt for a decision continues.:)

Re: Stampcrete or pavers

I say it's no contest. It's stamped concrete over pavers any day. I have pavers, friends have the stamped concrete. I'm jealous. :mad:

If you can afford to have it done..have it done.

A. Spruce
Re: Stampcrete or pavers

I've had both and I'd rather have a solid surface than pavers, but that's me. :cool:

Weeds can take hold between pavers and the substrate or dirt will be washed up from between the bricks when you hose or pressure wash the area down. When you consider the prep, base, work, and cost of pavers, pavers aren't likely much cheaper or easier.

Re: Stampcrete or pavers

I prefer the concrete over the pavers because you have less problems with ground movement with the concrete. Just a small area that moves with pavers makes the whole job look bad. Concrete is self supporting, to a degree, and would likely withstand that movement.

Calcats ;)

Re: Stampcrete or pavers

We get this question a lot in our field. Pavers or stamped concrete. Stamped concrete-if done well-is a fantastic long lasting surface that can be done is many more looks than pavers. Pavers can be stately and both options will require maintenance albeit different. Only the most stable ground allow pavers to keep looking great, which is rare.
Eventually the weeds will come but that is part of the routine. Concrete can crack(almost guaranteed eventually) but that goes with the territory. I find that concrete is easier to keep clean over time due to the fact it should be properly sealed so there are not true joints to harbor dirt and grime. The biggest reason I find concrete the better option is, again, the various looks you can get. Stamped concrete can provide an endless array of textures and patterns, from ashler slate to new random stone to roman cobble to european fan to just plain worn brick.
Just be sure to vet your contractor, see a portfolio and ask for referrals.

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