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St. Augustine yard is dying

We moved to TX last year and bought a new construction home with a newly laid St. Augustine yard. We have watered about 3x per week for 30min. and added fertilizer. Our yard has slowly died right before our eyes.:( It went from green, to dry looking green (no matter how much water it got), to brown, to dead. We don't want to lay new sod until we know what went wrong, so it doesn't happen again. Sadly, our neighbors yard, who was built at the same time still looks green. The soil underneath is hard some form of clay that is hard as a rock now. Does anyone know what to do???


Re: St. Augustine yard is dying

Did you treat for bugs. Grubs,Southern Cinch Bugs and Mole Crickets love St Augustine grass in Florida and will damage a yard pretty quick.




Re: St. Augustine yard is dying

I have even treated for bugs using Ortho Bug B Gone Max.

Re: St. Augustine yard is dying

How long has your neighbor lived in their house.Ask them if their yard did the same.The Texas drought could have burnt the yard.Check with the neighbor and then keep watering.It may come back in the spring St Augustine goes dormant in the fall and comes back in the spring.

Re: St. Augustine yard is dying

the more i have had St.Augustine grass in my yards the more i start telling people about Zoysia grass. Looks great and is so much more tolerant than St.Agustine grass. Hope this helps!

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