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Sinking Concrete Steps

We built this house 12 years ago & waited 3 years to pour our patio and still ended up with settling problems. The step in the picture sank about 6 inches from the threshold of the door & the weight of the step along with water run off has cracked the foundation now. I jack hammered the steps and patio out but would like advice on how to make sure this cannot happen again.

Re: Sinking Concrete Steps

Prepare the base with 2B stone and use a mechanical tamper to help prepare it. Use some 1/2" rods to tie the steps into the foundation wall of the house. Run the rods perpendicular to the house and parallel to the house and tie them together. Fill the steps with old concrete pieces or 2B stone so you only have about 4" of concrete on the top and face of the steps. This will keep the weight of the concrete down and have less chance of sinking. Again, the base is the most important to have properly prepared, use the mechanical tamper every 3" of 2B stone that is added.
Good Luck.

Calcats ;)

Re: Sinking Concrete Steps

By "Rods" he means tie into your foundation with "Rebar." Use that term when out shopping for supplies..

Re: Sinking Concrete Steps

We have brick steps that are sinking...is it possible to jack them up and add the rebar instead of breaking up and rebuilding?

Timothy Miller
Re: Sinking Concrete Steps

Howdy maybe the house is rising... sorry but humor helps.
Another often over looked problem is drainage from the roof it there is a down spout in the area of the steps make sure the water drains away from the steps 6' is a good projection. The concentration of water helps settle the back fill soils. Since no contractors compact the fill as good as anyone with sinking steps wishes they would have liked- water just adds to the setteling....

Re: Sinking Concrete Steps

Any updates???:cool:

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