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Bandera Garry
Sealing limestone blocks

I have a row of 24 2'x2'x4' limestone blocks on which one side of a deck anchored to the top. We've had a wet spring and lately I've noticed mildew on the side of the boulders and the limestone seems to be cracking/peeling on the front. I can also see some smaller cracks on top, which looks like will also cause further cracking on the front face. My first thought to fix this would be to use a stone sealer to inhibit mildew growth and prohibit water from getting into the cracks. Are there any other better sollutions? I want to do something before these boulders can't support my deck anymore.

Hank Bauer
Re: Sealing limestone blocks

Check out Cathedral Stone Products.
For the algae and fungi I use D/2 Architectural Antimicrobial it works very well but is a high cost item.
Also look at the Jahn M 70 Stone repair Mortar for Limestone and for cracks check out Jahn M 30 Micro Injection Grout.
For water protection check out the Silin clear product.
I have used all but the Limestone Mortar.all have been good products.

Bandera Garry
Re: Sealing limestone blocks

Thank you Hank.. I will research these and let you know what I decide.

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