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Replacing exterior stair treads

I have porch stairs that are 6 feet wide and 1.5 inches thick and 9-9.25 deep. The treads form a 90 degree joint with the risers, i.e., no overhang. It is as if the builder just used a 2 x 10 and slapped them down. It is oddly uncomfortable to go up and down these stairs. I'd like to replace the treads with something bullnosed and with an overhang. I am thinking of a 1.5 x 12" cut down in width to 10" leaving a 3/4 overhang of the risers.

My questions are these:

1) What wood to use (western New York - think winter white)

2) Are there ready made treads available in this size and length?

3) Or would I be better off getting 2x12's and ripping them down to 10" and then routing a bull nose myself?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Re: Replacing exterior stair treads

fifteen years ago I went to the trouble of milling pressure treated 2x12's into 1" thick stair treads, with a nice nosed (rounded) edge just like interior treads, only in PT. The material never actually rotted, but the 1-piece design cupped (even though I cut kerfs (grooves) in the underside to reduce cupping), puddled water and weathered to a very splintery and unsightly condition. I changed over to two-piece treads this year on my steps. There isnt any way for water to puddle because it can drain through the space between.
It is ordinary 5/4" decking that I recommend to you for treads. 2-piece them and you won't be sorry. If you need less width, you can rip one or both down to achieve the width you are after. Leave a 3/4" overhang beyond the riser.

Re: Replacing exterior stair treads

what sombrel mentioned will definitely work, the only thing i would add to that is to get some end cut treatment and touch up the ripped and routed edges

Re: Replacing exterior stair treads

Thanks for all your help. I will post pix when I get it finished.

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