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removing lathe and plaster

any suggestions on what works best re removing lathe and plaster from walls/ceilings?

A. Spruce
Re: removing lathe and plaster

A good dust mask, eye protection (face protection is better ), and a crow bar.

Re: removing lathe and plaster

A sawzall with a plaster blade, a shovel, trash can - filled no more than half way, a mask and intense labor. I would be a lot less work just to go over the the old plaster with new drywall like 3/8s or even 1/4 and avoid all of that work.

Hank Bauer
Re: removing lathe and plaster

If it is on wood lath.
You could use a Die Grinder Pneumatic type with a Carbide Bur Bit.
Cut the plaster only leaving the wood lath. Cut plaster in 12 inch squares remove from lath.
To keep the dust down use a hudson garden sprayer have someone mist as you cut
Remove the lath last.

If it is over metal lath use a 4 inch side grinder with vac attachment.
Cut lath and plaster in the same 12 inch Sq's between studs and remove the sections.
Remove plaster and lath from studs last.
You can use the mister BUT WATCH IT WITH THE ELECT TOOLS.

Re: removing lathe and plaster

Or leave it and repair it would be easiest. Less dust less work and less landfill space taken up. Plus it adds character. My 2 cents.

Timothy Miller
Re: removing lathe and plaster

Hi been doing this job on my huge old house. The plaster dust is amazing, how far from where you are working it will encoat everything. So sealing off adjoining rooms with plastic is a must. If there is a window in the room install a box fan blowing air outside while you work. I have tried to remove the plaster first then the lath and have found that if i take my trusty old hammer and use the side of it instead of the end to whack the walls and ceiling- the 105 year old plaster breaks off easily. With a nail pry bar and the hammer i prefer to remove the lath and plaster at the same time i just throw the lath off to the side while removing it. Wear a hat and eye protection.. Depending on how the home was framed you may need to add nailers to the corners after removing the plaster and lath to then install drywall. Small bucks to haul it out as the plaster gets heavy fast...

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