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Redwood Lathe and Plaster

I recently came into possession of an old 1920 clabbered house. The city is interested in making it a historical house. With this I can do work on the house using era codes.

That aside, I personally want to keep the house to the era, and I'm looking for help in finding someone who does old style redwood lathe and plaster, for the walls AND ceilings. I know some will probably say just replace with new materials, as that's what every contractor I've talked too has said, but that isn't what I'm going for. I want to keep it original, down to the smallest details where I can.

I'm looking for one preferably in the Southern California area. But I am open to anyone else, just in case.

Re: Redwood Lathe and Plaster

First I applaud you on your decision. Check your local Yellow Pages for "Plasterers" or check for a local plasterers union. Most contractors contract with drywallers because it fast and cheaper, but that certainly doesn't mean it's better.

Re: Redwood Lathe and Plaster

Congrats on your choice and well done. I'd guess you're unlikely to find anyone to do the job as required as it would take far more hours than, I'd guess, you're willing to pay for and you'll be long gone before anyone would notice the difference.

Be that as it may. If it were my home, I'd do it m'self just for the pride in't. And if you want to find a carpenter to do it just that way because you think he should, you may want to re-evaluate your needs.

Re: Redwood Lathe and Plaster

My thoughts exactly. Check with the plasterers local in your area. Plasterers are hard to find. A retired plasterer that still does side work would be optimal. The plasterers unions in Ca. are Local#200 in Pamona,#66 in San Francisco and Oakland #300 area 825 Pittsburg,Ca. Hope this helps

Re: Redwood Lathe and Plaster

Thanks guys, I'll give it a try.

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