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Recycling Barn wood

Hi everyone , new member here .
I have been a big fan of TOH ever since the day it aired .
I was in new home construction for more then 20 years until a injury forced me to retire early .
Then about 6 years ago with lots of time on my hands i decided to build again but on a much smaller scale .

I loved building houses so i decided why not build homes for the birds but step it up a notch or two .
So that is how i came up with the idea of Extreme Birdhouses .
I have built 97 birdhouses so far and they are all made from 80 - 150 year old reclaimed barn wood .
They range from 2 ft square and go up to 9 ft wide by 9 ft tall.
My largest birdhouse has 103 rooms , 32 dormers , 14 different roofs , fly through tunnel and weighs about 500 lbs .

I also build other lawn ornaments using reclaimed wood including old discarded branches for rustic arbors .

Here is a link to some of my work , hobby :)


Thanks for looking !


Re: Recycling Barn wood

Welcome to the forum John. Great work, very nice stuff and its great that you are using reclaimed lumber.


Timothy Miller
Re: Recycling Barn wood

Howdy John great work. How did you fasten the branches for the arbor?

Re: Recycling Barn wood

Thank you Mike and Timothy for the nice welcome .

I pre drill all the large branches and then use 5" and 6" galv nails .On the smaller branches i use 3 1/2" screws and 2 1/2" galv finish nails .

Timothy Miller
Re: Recycling Barn wood

Howdy thanks for the assembly infor. I bet you could make some great doll houses too.

Re: Recycling Barn wood

My granddaughter is living in Australia until Sept 2011 so i will be building her a doll house by the time she gets back .:D

Timothy Miller
Re: Recycling Barn wood

Imagine as well as you build great great grand daughters will know what a craftsman you are. Love and remembered beyond ones life....

Re: Recycling Barn wood

Excellent work! I enjoyed looking through your photo gallery and especially love the pics with the cats.

I like the use of the metal roofing. What do you use to seal the sharp edges?

Re: Recycling Barn wood

Thanks again guys ! I grind all edges of the steel with a grinding wheel and then paint the steel .

Re: Recycling Barn wood

Those look great!

Something I didn't know when I was researching bird houses recently was birds don't really like new paint and varnish, etc. They like to live in natural trees, so birdhouse wood is best if it's simple, reclaimed stuff like you're using that isn't soaked with chemicals. The openings to birdhouses also have to be small enough to keep preditors, out., etc.

(I'm not saying you don't know this, I'm pointing out that I didn't know all that, and wouldn't have though of the different factors on my own.)

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