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rebuilding old wooden windows

I would like to save my home's 100+ year old windows but they leak like a sieve. I am willing to rebuild the windows myself (the glass part is easy) but how do I seal the side jamb to make it air tight?
Thank you.

Timothy Miller
Re: rebuilding old wooden windows

Howdy, consider adding storm windows sealing it to reduce the air infiltration. You can purchase cheaper exterior storms or more expensive interior storms. If your currant windows have weights in the window side jambs you can replace them with tensioned spring mechanisms to assist in opening and closing the windows. Then with the weights removed fill the voids with insulation.

Re: rebuilding old wooden windows

The house actually had storm windows on to start with, but I'm not sure that they were properly installed. They hold back some of the air, but I can still feel a breeze by the window pane. I like the idea of spring loaded lifts and filled in weight cavities. That only leaves the space between the side jamb and the window itself. Can that be rebuilt to be more air tight? I saw some plastic air barriers (they look like a z in profile) that can be installed in this space, do they work? I'm not that thrilled with white plastic on dark stained wood, but if it saves on heat it may be worth it.
Thank you for the replies!

Re: rebuilding old wooden windows

I posted this for one and a half inches wide strips of glass used. Home frame window as long as some of the smaller sections, and some were 10 inches tall. You can use ceramic tiles are part of the climb. You drafters of glass mixed with water soft if you do not want them to stick to the putty will be needed.

Re: rebuilding old wooden windows

Windows on many historic buildings is an important aspect of the architectural character of these buildings. Design, crafts or other qualities may make them worth preserving. You can do rebuild your window.

Re: rebuilding old wooden windows

To fix the leaking windows you can install replacement jambliners from newellindustrial.com or you can even replace the storm windows with vinyl storm windows from the same company.

There are a wide variety of jamb liners available for different sash dimensions.

Re: rebuilding old wooden windows

Replacing or installing proper weather striping should make a big difference. If there is a wide gap between the sash and the frame zinc weather stripping can be added there, weather striping on the outside against the sash, wipe weather stripping on the top edge of the bottom sash to seal between the sashes, and compression type weather stripping on the bottom of the bottom sash and the top of the top sash. That along with replacing the weights and filling the cavity should do better than most storm windows.


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