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A queen or not a queen?

The porch was turned into a closet on the right side so it no longer wraps around, and the original attic was blown up to make a master suite, but my question is do you think she is queen anne?

Exact date of construction is unknown but suspected to be no later than 1905.

There are a lot of proper queen anne houses in the neighborhood with one floor construction, intact porch, a little bit more ornate and the front part that sticks out is a has angles.

taken from Google Maps

Re: A queen or not a queen?

A closer view

taken from Trulia

Re: A queen or not a queen?

I'd say not a queen. I'm not an expert in house styles but I do make a real nice historic house sign hand painted for Victorian houses. Just my opinion. It's a nice looking house. Good luck.

Re: A queen or not a queen?

I'm pretty certain it's a Folk Victorian (kind of the more practical, less grand version of the Queen Anne).

I did a post on my blog about the Folk Victorian and an earlier one about the Queen Anne that you might find helpful too. Plenty of pictures and comparisons of the two styles.

Re: A queen or not a queen?

Thanks for the input all. The Mrs had floated the Folk Victorian idea in the past, but I didn't quite bite as across the street there are three houses next to each other that hit the Folk Victorian right on the nose.

The difference between these three and mine is my porch originally wrapped around the corner, I have the giant picture window instead of two windows next to each other and my roof originally has the steep four sided pyramid (even before the upstairs expansion) as seen here.

In perspective, I just dismissed Folk Victorian just due to tiny differences, and ignored the big picture.
Now if I could only find the original plan book that the house came from (I know it is a plan book house as there are at least 6 others identical to mine in the area).

Re: A queen or not a queen?

It's a Victorian cottage, and this layout is often detailed in a Q/A mode, but this one does not have a full-on set of details. It's been diluted either by the builder or subsequent remodeling.
This example is about as fully-detailed as possible ;)

11b 1982 Bonsallo Ave - Queen Anne Eastlake Gothic - HCM-499 - Agnes B Heimgartner Residence (E) by Kansas Sebastian, on Flickr

Re: A queen or not a queen?

We have quite a few similar to that one in the neighborhood, with varying levels of original detail. They reside on corner lots and I think they are great, especially when restored.

I think my house may have been more of a middle class/lower middle class home when built, leaving behind some of the fancy details. Of course I'll never know what my original porch looked like as I think the only original parts from said porch are the (leaning) columns.

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