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Pulling up attic planks without ruining them

My attic has 100+ year old long pine planks and I'd like to pull them up and put updated insulation underneath. I tried one section and couldn't get the wood up without it splintering and falling apart. Any suggestions on how to handle this?

Re: Pulling up attic planks without ruining them

Old dry pine is pretty brittle so you may not be able to save it all. Go down along one side and pry it up at the joists just enough to lift the nails, then push the board down and pull the nails. Once the one side is done you can then do the same on the other side.

Re: Pulling up attic planks without ruining them

Or...lift the edge of the board just enough to allow insertion of a sawzall blade (fine tooth metal-cutting, of course). Cut the nails. This should work if these are t&g flooring boards as the nails will be near the edge.

Just be careful so that you don't cut any electrical wires if there are any running thru the joist bays. You could likely locate any existing wires with a metal detector or a non-contact voltage detector (NCV). Then also use the shortest sawzall blade that will get the job done.

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