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Priming House Exterior Question

My home has painted cedar shakes. The east side of the home has always flaked and needed yearly painting. I was told the wood was likely still wet when it was originally painted. I was also given the advice to prime the house first with Sherwin Williams oil-based, slow drying exterior primer which I did yesterday. Of course we then had torrential rains over night and continued rain throughout today. My questions? Do you think the rain damaged all of the work I did? If not, how long should I let it dry before covering it with a latex over-coat? How long can Primer paint stay on a house before it MUST be painted? I ask this because the forecast now calls for intermittent rain for most of the week. Thanks so much for any help you can give me :o Cindy

Re: Priming House Exterior Question

You should be fine as long as it does not appear that the primer was washed off in the rain. One of the things I love about oil-based primers and paints is that they penetrate the wood underneath and stay there, whereas water-based ones essentially lie on top waiting to peel away someday. The liquid in the water-based does penetrate but evaporates away quickly whereas the oils in the oil-based kind does not, and the wood retains it better. This is not to say that it doesn't have any issues, only that in your case it is better.

Before recoating with paint, feel several different places for tackiness. Check more in inside corners and shaded areas. If you find no tackiness go ahead and paint. If there is tackiness give it a few dry days and check again. If tackiness remains then go over those areas with another light coat of the same primer and it will reactivate the tacky coating so that it will dry properly (actually it is a curing, not drying, process). No need to rush things so long as the primer wasn't washed off, it will be fine by itself for at least a month or more even in direct sun.


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