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powdered brick

We recently did some repointing on the outside wall of our 18th-century brick home. While resetting some loose bricks, we found a hollow space on an inner layer of brick--the wall seems to be three bricks strong--where there was no brick left, just a heap of fine brick powder.

How would we best go about diagnosing the structural integrity of the walls, now that this finding has brought up the possibility that there may be other powdered bricks present? Other than in the attic, none of the brick walls are exposed in the house interior; they're all covered up either with drywall or with lath and plaster. Does all of it have to come off for a visual inspection, or are there other methods?

Re: powdered brick

during the 1800 some hand made brick were very soft these brick were mixed in with the harder brick most of the soft brick were Salmon color ( redish orange ) water or high moisture will cause the soft brick the crumble.
As for a repair look into this product Jahn Injection Grout M-30.
Produced by Cathedral Stone.
This Grout will fill any voids in the wall Please NOTE it must be injected by an Authorized Jahn Installer.
If you talk with Cathedral Stone ask about M-30 modified The M-30 will flow in to the smallest voids.
They also have M-40 & M-60 for larger voids.

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